imagesxI have a phobia of birds. Chickens are the worse. It’s their eyes. As soon as they get feathers their eyes turn mean. And, they’re big. To me they seem gigantic.

The kids had a parakeet; don’t all kids have at least one? You know, the ones they promise to take care of, and you end up doing it. I did, sweaty palms and all.

The exception to this fear thing is hummingbirds and little chickadees. No mean eyes and the feathers aren’t the same.

We had a hummingbird nest in the fuchsia basket on the patio one year. We haunted that nest being careful not to disturb it. When the babies hatched they looked like spiders.

I love to watch these tiny birds. The smallest species weight less than a penny. Each one is unique. Hummingbirds have high metabolism. Umm no wonder they don’t have weight problems. ☺

While they drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside some flowers (or from the feeders we put out), they also feed on insects and spiders. That’s a good thing, especially the spiders.

I was surprised to find that their average lifespan is from 3 to 5 years. As I write this I’m thinking it’s time to put up a feeder. I still haven’t gotten the covered patio done, it’s in process, so no hanging fuchsia to attract them. Ahhhh spring, and summer, a time to watch these amazing little creatures.


12 responses to “Hummingbirds

  1. conniefischer

    I love hummingbirds too. We live in southwest Florida and have spent some summers in the mountains of North Carolina where we love to hike. One place we rented had lots of flowers and the hummingbirds were numerous. One day, I had a bright pink shirt on sitting on the back porch reading and heard a buzzing. A hummingbird was checking out my shirt! The neat thing was my husband had a bird app on his phone with different bird calls. When he played the hummingbird one, it never failed to bring them in.

    Confession time. I have a phobia of butterflies. Don’t laugh, but it’s the way they flutter that makes my hair stand up! So, I consider myself very brave when I read a novel about them. I just finished “Butterfly Palace” which creeped me out a bit but it’s a good book. I just had to get past the butterflies.

    Happy Summer to you!

    Connie Fischer

  2. I’m a big fan of hummingbirds too. It is amazing to watch them hover there in the air. I totally get you being freaked out by beady eyes, too. LOL- I have that same issue with dolls- some of them creep me out and it is the eyes that seem to do it for me, too.

    • Dolls, again a new one. I’ve heard that some people has a fear of clowns. Hummingbirds are brave little guys and another one of gods mysteries in the way they move.

  3. I like birds and I saw a hummingbird just this morning on my honeysuckle,the first one of the season.
    I had not lived where there were hummingbirds before I moved here. I was surprised to see them in the mountains in Colorado when we’d travel up there from the Denver suburbs.They would flit and feed around Buffalo Bill’s grave and the store /museum nearby, by the dozens. However, here, they fight over territory.I have quit putting out nectar feeders because they seemed to cause fights and we’d get one that would chase any newcomer away, no matter how far a[art I placed them,(or how many I put out.) So, I let the honeysuckle go fairly wild, I allow a larger number of trumpet vines to take over the fence and I have many,many flowers on my mimosa trees which allow the hummingbirds to eat, but not fight.

    • I’ve seen them fight too. I used to depend on the fuchia’s to provide food but might have to supplement this year as the patio is still in progress so no place to hang the baskets.

  4. We love hummingbirds, but our feeder tends to freeze in the winter, so we pull it for the coldest months. Hubby and a neighbor have Hummingbird wars, always trying to entice the other’s birds to their feeder. Lol. Good-naturedly, of course. It’s another sign of spring and summer that we love.

  5. How pretty they are. Wish we had hummingbirds in our garden. Sorry to hear you have a phobia of birds though, but I get the thing about the eyes. It’s spiders for me. Once saw a book when I was quite little and it had a close up of a huge spider with these big, mean bug eyes. I’ve been terrified ever since.

  6. Spiders are horrible and there are some scary movies out there about them. I might have the same reaction to them if I came upon a bunch but it’s usually just one at a time.

  7. Ooo, I love all birds (except pigeons, as you might have guessed). Sadly we don’t have humming birds here but whilst in Barbados a few years ago, spent many lazy hours watching them. Incredible birds and fascinating to watch. Hate spiders, especially the large ones that come into the house in autumn. Hang on, how did this conversation turn from such beautiful creatures to such horrid ones. Eeek!

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