Smiling my way through Spring

So, I think I talked earlier this month about getting the deck furniture out. I thought I’d show you our pond this week. We got it up and running for the summer just before getting the furniture out. It’s not rock, it’s plastic (too good a price at Costco), but I love it. It sounds amazing, and looks amazing, especially with the Azalea blooming behind it.  (Pay no attention to the dirt to the right of the picture. We had to dig up part of our sidewalk this winter.)


It was a family effort, putting this pond in ten years ago. My husband had major back surgery and wasn’t lifting anything much yet. So the kids and grandkids dug the hole and got the pond set in place. I think that’s another reason I like it so much. 🙂

I’ve always said that I love all the seasons pretty much equally. Right now, though, as I sit out on deck in the sunshine, listening to the waterfall in our pond, smiling, I have to say that Spring is really feeding my soul.

I hope you all have had a wonderful month filled with the sights and sounds of Spring.

13 responses to “Smiling my way through Spring

  1. I Love your pond. You are so very fortunate to have all you have, Laurie. (I’ve told you that before, right?) 🙂 Your pond is beautiful and must make the ideal setting for writing romance.

    • Thanks, pj. I do love sitting out on deck and writing during the warm days. It’s inspirational. I even have a small waterfall thing near my desk in our office, so I can listen to the water whenever I want. 🙂

  2. I miss having the creek. Especially the sound of the water. A pond is in the plans for the back yard but not in this phase of the project.

    Enjoy, you really have a nice deck and backyard.

  3. That’s a very pretty pond, Laurie, and even more special because it was fitted with love by your family. There’s something amazingly relaxing about the sound of water in the garden. Enjoy!

  4. we all need a little soul-feeding. I love that you’re having good weather. AND the pond is cute, cute.

    • Hi, Jillian. Yep, the weather’s turned nice and we might get almost a week of it! So yay to eating dinner out on deck. And maybe tomorrow, I can set up my office out there. 🙂 Oh, wait, I have an almost 5-year-old with me overnight, so might not be editing TOO much tomorrow. Lol

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Love the picture! Would really love to be sitting on that deck with you listening to it while I tap, tap, tap my way through another manuscript! I find the sound of moving water very relaxing. The Bubbly Hubby is getting me a small fountain and I cannot wait! Hmm, maybe I’ll show him your pond and see if we can change the fountain to a pond! 😛

  6. Is it an indoor or outdoor fountain? Either way, you’ll probably really enjoy it. I also have a little indoor desk fountain and love it. But by all means, show him the picture. And remind him that I said all the work that went into putting it in made it even MORE special in my mind and heart. 🙂

  7. Lovely pond. The sound of water makes a garden. Enjoy every moment you can there. We finally put out our garden furniture yesterday, and today it’s raining. Typical!

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