Hello Spring!!

My goodness, where has spring gone? I thought I was just saying how glad I was that it was finally spring and now we are almost finished with May. Here in Western Oregon we don’t even have our gardens planted. We live on a hill so we sometimes get some very late frosts, not much sense putting out tomatoes so the frost can get them. Jim actually did buy tomato plants the other day. He brought them home put them on a table he has set up in our cattle wash rack and make a plastic tent for them. Tonight we actually got our garden worked up and ready to plant so maybe, just maybe that will happen over the weekend!! We have had years when we couldn’t even get the garden worked up until June so I guess we are a little ahead of schedule.

We have been going to a lot of softball games, still watching the high school girls play even though we don’t have a granddaughter there this year. Our, almost ten year old, granddaughter is also playing softball. She is a pitcher and this is the first year she has been the “main pitcher”. Not doing too bad for a little girl. I look at the girls on her team and think, wow, I can never remember her sister and cousin being that small when they played U10 softball.

Spring always seems to be our busiest time of the year on the farm. The cows keep me busy but I can’t imagine my life without them. All I have to do is go to the barn in the morning, give a “come cows” yell and they will head my way no matter what field they are in or how much grass they have to eat. Just that little bit of grain makes me their best friend. Of course I am sure some mornings my neighbors don’t really appreciate me.

Daisy always goes to the barn with me in the morning but Missy is another story. If I want her to go out I have to actually go the bedroom and pull her out from under the covers. Then she has to get up, roll around on the floor, check the house to make sure nothing changed while she was asleep and then head to the door. A lot of mornings Daisy and I just leave her and Jim and go by ourselves. It’s quieter that way also. Missy has decided she doesn’t like it too hot or too cold so, of course, the best thing to do is stay in bed and hide her head!! She just seems to get sweeter everyday and smarter. If it is very cold I can almost bet she will un-make my bed if I leave her.

Hope you are all having an amazing spring and that you are blessed with some nice weather. Hopefully by the time I write my next blog I will have visited my good friend Lavada and I can tell you about our adventures!!!


9 responses to “Hello Spring!!

  1. Nancy, in this hectic world of crazy jobs and communication and multi-tasking, your blogs always, always make me slow down and take a moment to appreciate the best parts of life. I’m so glad you blog with us. You remind us each and every month about what’s important. And you do it with stories about softball and animals. Those dogs are so precious. Heck, I even feel like I know the cows. (even if they DO intimidate me.) I was in a field a few years ago that had cows grazing. As they started to amble my way, I realized it was the first time I’d been near a cow without a fence in between. So yeah, was nervous. 🙂

  2. So is the reason the spinach and lettuce I planted the end of April not showing is that I planted it to early? No kidding I only have a very little bit coming up and since I spilled the lettuce seeds I was expecting a lot. I have never planted a garden but I had these raised beds so … I may just put in roses I seem to be okay with them.

    And YES Nancy lets set a date for that visit.

  3. Thank you so much Laurie you brought tears to my eyes . I never know what to write !!

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’m glad to hear you still go to games even though your granddaughters have moved on. I imagine the girls playing appreciate your support. 😛

  5. glad you got the garden going. AND how cool that you keep supporting the ball team. I Love that and I bet the team does as well.

  6. I’m late to the party this month, Nancy, but really enjoyed your blog. I have a lovely visual of you calling for the cows 🙂 Our current puppy seems nervous of cows. She goes to the fence when we walk along the lane, then as soon as the cows start coming over she bolts away as if the hounds of hell are on her heels. Hope your weather is good. Here in the UK it’s currently a bit hit and miss but could be a lot worse!

    • We are hit and miss with the weather also , but warm weather this weekend!!! Our Missy is scared of the cows but that keeps her from going under the fences !!!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyable blog, as always, Nancy. I always love reading your post. Spring here has been wet and at times very chilly and though we are now officially in summer, it’s not a lot better so far! Looking forward to hearing your escapades with Lavada. 🙂

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