Happy 50th Mustang

10155626_761681613842045_5589703365042895142_nThe Mustang turns 50. I remember when it came out. Jack said that it would become a classic. Of course I pooh poohed that idea, but then I also thought that Microsoft PC’s were destined to be only game machines. Silly me.

We thought about buying one of the ‘new’ Mustangs. The neighbor did and even though Jack wasn’t a ‘car’ man he was eyeing that one. We might have if they would have been bigger. Being practical we ended up with a 4 door Chrysler.

Looking back I know that even if we would have gotten that Mustang we wouldn’t have hung on to it. Back then we needed to sell the old to afford the new.

The car in the picture is Rick’s (son). It’s a Mustang Laguna Seca and one beautiful car. Kris (daughter) has a mustang and the grandson has a mustang convertible. Pretty cars when they are all in the drive together.

This one sits in the garage a lot. Rick doesn’t like to take it out in the winter. He doesn’t want it to get dirty. ☺ ☺ With Tuesday’s sunshine it made a rare appearance and looks like it will be on the road again, if only for a short while. Talk about babying a car!!

Beautiful cars, no wonder they are Fords most successful launch since the Model A. My dad had one of those (Model A). I hated it, but then I found that when he would pick me up at school the guys thought it was the greatest. Sort of changed my mind. Wish we had it now and the Model-T he had too. I learned to drive on those old cars. Us kids would drive them around the pasture. Good times, with a lot memories. So Happy Birthday Mustang, you’ve come a long way.


14 responses to “Happy 50th Mustang

  1. Mustangs are a favorite around here, too. My first car was a 1967 2-door coupe. If I only knew then what I know now; I’d still have it. I say that bc my boyfriend is a Gear-Head and we show his cars every summer. Wish I still had my Mustang to show. I loved that car. :)) One of my bfs cars is a 2006 six-speed. Don’t let that fool you. Remember I said he’s a Gear-Head? He’s got that car so built up it outruns the best of them. It’s kinda fun riding around in a “sleeper”! It’s a really nice looking car.


    • Sorry Janette I meant to make that last comment a reply to you. I know what you mean about wishing you still had the car but even if we would have gotten one it would be long gone to support a purchase of a new car when we needed it. Didn’t have the money for garage ornaments.

  2. Back when the “boys” were young out oldest son, then a senior in high school had a Camaro and his friend had a Mustang Boss. I always said those cars kept them out of trouble. Mikes had a racing engine and he was always working on it. No money for smokes, drink, partying or worse of all girls. He had to have a job to support it so no money and no time for much else.

  3. One of the things I loved about my husband was his 1981 yellow mustang. I remember one of our first dates, we just stood by that car and talked for eons. And one of my favorite stories is when my young daughter, just learning to spell, kept looking at the windshield of Mark’s car, which he called his “horse”. She said, “Mom, I know how to spell horse. It’s m-u-s-t-a-n-g.” You see, the word mustang was printed across the top of hubby’s windshield. We laughed quite a while over that one. So, yeah, I have a soft spot in my heart for these cars. Happy 50th birthday, ‘Stang!

  4. That is one pretty car Rick has. No wonder he doesn’t like it to get dirty 🙂 I really love classic cars, such character. Happy Birthday, Mustang!

    • Ricks has a ways to go before becoming a classic because of it’s age. However it’s a very limited edition so he’s expecting it to increase in price.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    My mom has a mustang. Deep blue. It’s her “toy”. My “toy” of choice would be a Corvette from the 70s. All those curves and such character! 😛

  6. Love Mustangs and a 50th birthday shows how good they were/are. Would love one but then again, there’s many cars I would love to own. Mine of choice would be an E-type Jag, preferably British Racing Green with white-walled tyres. Arrrh… in my dreams… 🙂

    • Yeah, its all in my dreams too since I’ve moved up to SUV’s because the are easier to get in and out. My dad had a MG and I remember opening the door and rolling out as it was so low to the ground.

  7. we love muscle cars as well. My son got a new car about six months ago and picked a mustang. Very nice car. He loves it.

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