Quilting Bees, et al

P1090977Back when…and maybe even now, folks, mostly women, held quilting bees. By the way, I read that the word quilt comes from the latin word culcita, which means to stuff sacks. It gave, again, mostly women, a chance to socialize. From what I could glean from quilting history, making the quilt tops was a more solitary endeavor, usually done over the long, cold winters. Then, in Spring and Summer, women would gather to complete the quilting, and maybe to gossip a bit. 🙂 It was most popular in the mid-nineteenth century, but I believe there are still groups that quilt together today.

I don’t quilt, and I hold those who do in high esteem. Sewing, it turns out, shreds the last thread of my patience quite easily. What I do, though, is scrap book. I love putting pictures to paper and decorating them. Here’s a few from a trip hubby and I made to see his cousin in Guatemala.

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I have had a lot of opportunities to go to scrap nights at the hobby store, and even a couple scrap booking weekends. Each time I gather with these women, some of whom I know, some I don’t, I’m struck by how much like a quilting bee it seems. Everyone’s working, everyone’s chatting, and it’s happy times.

I wonder what modern day events are like quilting bees. Lavada and I go to a monthly reader’s group that is a chance for (mostly) women to gather, catch up, and discuss, well anything they want, actually. My sister belongs to a book club that gathers regularly. I’m betting not all the discussion is about the book du jour.

And maybe Bridge Clubs are social gatherings like quilting bees. I don’t know. It’s the one card game I never learned.

What other modern-day gatherings are there that have the feel of an old-time quilting bee? Any ideas? Whatever they are, even though we have more opportunities to socialize now than we did in the nineteenth century, I’m glad we have these ways of gathering. Coming together is the good part of life, eh?


15 responses to “Quilting Bees, et al

  1. I’m not so good with the group thing. I tried ‘stamping’ making cards but didn’t take to it and ended up having bunches of stuff that cost more than if I’d bought the cards.

    • I know what you mean. I’m writing so much, I’m not doing much scrap-booking these days. I have, however, managed to start using some supplies up making cards.
      One of the things I love about doing this is the gathering aspect, though. Even Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties (do they still hold those?) give us an outlet to chat and catch up, eh?

  2. scrapbooking is like a quilting bee for sure. I also love quilts. Can’t sew them but I love them.

    • I can’t sew for anything! In fact, we joke that we have a seamster in the house instead of a seamstress. My husband has to do the machine sewing repairs. About all I have the patience for is sewing a button back on. Lol. But I KNOW you’re a scrap-booker, Jillian! And a good one, from some of the projects I’ve seen. 🙂

      • thanks re: scrapbook compliment,

        My husband also does the sewing. My kids always said it was dad’s sweat shop.

  3. See, I knew we had a lot in common, Jillian. 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    My friends and I gather once a month to play “Hand & Foot”. It’s a card game. We gather early enough to enjoy a buffet that each card player contributes to and we play late into the evening. It’s a blast. I love the card game, the women, and the fellowship. I try to attend as often as possible. It’s at a different home each month. There’s nothing better than a gaggle of laughing women enjoying one another’s company and great food!! 😛 😛

  5. I used to sew a lot when I was younger although never joined a group. Not so keen now. The only girlie gatherings I do now are with writer friends, and of course there’s always the lunches 🙂

    One of these days I’ll try my hand at scrapbooking. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but not sure where to start.

  6. I don’t do anything that is in any way, shape, or form, like a “Quilting Bee,” But maybe I can get you to discuss scrapbooking with me sometime. 🙂 I’m looking forward to our coffee, Laurie!

    • I like to scrap book, although I don’t do much of it these days. I’ve been starting to get back into it though, making cards. Store-bought cards are SO expensive!

  7. I used to do scrapbooking, having one for my first wedding, then for my daughter’s birth and growing up years. Sadly, following many house moves the scrap books were lost and I lost my interest. Even all my photographs are loose and not in albums – but put that to rights. Used to sew a great deal too but never involved in a group bee – or circles as they are frequently called in the UK. Lately knitting circles have become popular, not that I knit any more. As with Tricia, and with Tricia, my only group thing now is writing and lunching. And long may that continue.

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