It’s Hello and Goodbye from Ushi

Ushi close upHi, my name is Ushi. I saw that Hobbes had taken over Jillian’s post and thought I’d do the same with Tricia’s. I think you’ve met me a few times on this blog. You see I’m a guide dog puppy and Tricia and Adrian are my boarders, which means when my mum (who is called a puppy walker) goes away, I get to have a holiday with them.

Apparently, I’m very adorable and beautiful, at least that’s what Tricia always tells me. She takes loads of photos of me, so I suppose it must be true.

This is my last visit with them because I go into training this week, or as we pups like to call it ‘Big School’. Tricia gets very teary whenever she cuddles me now, and says that I’ll always be her special little girl and how much she’ll miss me. Adrian just clears his throat a lot. Anyway, I’m quite pleased to be going really. I’m very bright and I’m getting a bit bored, even at home with my two brothers, Flint and Howie. I’ll miss them, too. Howie and I play a lot, and if I flirt with Flint I generally get my own way and he gives me his bone. I’ll miss my mum, too. She tries very hard to stop me jumping up when I get excited, but I just love everybody and everything and I want to show them how much. She scolds me, but I know she doesn’t mean it.

I’ve liked staying with Tricia and Adrian because they’re real pushovers. I get very spoiled. And I realized pretty quickly that if I give them this certain look, I can get just about anything. Biscuits, toys, walkies, more biscuits, let out into the garden to chase the birds, more biscuits. Adrian thinks he’s not as soft as Tricia, but I’ve worked out that if I drop my chin and look up at him from beneath my eyelashes, he’s putty in my paws. But if by any chance that doesn’t work, a paw to the knee usually brings him around.Ushi

I thought I’d give them something to remember me by on this last visit. I’ve always been very good at running back to them when they take me out and let me off my lead. But this time I thought it would be good fun to play them up a bit. So I decided to run off and play with other dogs and pretend I couldn’t hear them when they called me back or blew the whistle. It was really fun. Of course, when they shouted ‘biscuit’ I came running. Well, I’m not stupid, am I? A girl has to know how to work this selective hearing thing to her advantage.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll hear from me again, probably when I’ve passed my training and become a fully fledged Guide Dog. So, until then, wish me luck…Ushi and Tricia


18 responses to “It’s Hello and Goodbye from Ushi

  1. You are so adorable, Ushi and I could swear you and Hobbes are related even though he’s a cat and you’re a pup- you both know how to work it to get yummies, don’t you? I hope you do well with your training and spare a thought for Tricia and Adrian since they will surely be missing you, you adorable thing, you! Hugs to you and your boarders. Jillian

    • Well, I learned some things from Hobbes’ last post, Jillian! Thank you for your good wishes for my training. I’m looking forward to it and I know my boarders will hear about how I’m doing, so I’m sure they’ll be okay. x

  2. Psst, Ushi- Hobbes here- you da man!! Be sure to add on the extra sad-eyed looks before you report to training- after all, we need to store up so fat for the tough work-outs ahead, don’t we? You know you’re a hero, don’t you? I wish they had guide cats…. no, wait. I don’t – that would interfere with nap time. Good luck, man! High paw! Hobbes

    • Oh yeah, woof woof, Hobbes! I’ve got the sad eyed look down pat. It would be great to have guide cats, I’d really like a chum, especially as I’m going to miss my brothers. But have a nap or two for me, and keep up the sad eyed looks. These humans really are pushovers. High paws back at ya, bro!

      • I shall dedicate a nap a day to you, Ushi! It would be my pleasure since I can’t be a guide cat. Heck, I’ll even dream of bones in your honor. Meow!- Hobbes

  3. Oh what great work you ,Tricia and Adrian are doing! You are so beautiful! I can SEE how silky your coat is just from the pictures.
    God bless and good luck with your new work and school. Pat,pet, pat!

    • Thanks, Tonette. Yes, my coat is pretty gorgeous, isn’t it? I’m not that keen on being brushed, but seeing as there’s a biscuit at the end of it, I grin and bear it. Well, a girl has to suffer to be beautiful, eh? Thanks for your good wishes.

  4. I’m with your second Mum, Tricia, Ushi. I’m tearing up with both happiness and sadness that you are moving on to Big School. Congratulations to you! Hey, do me a favor…give Adrian and Tricia a bunch of paw-pats on the leg this weekend. They’re going to miss you. And don’t be a stranger. Let us know how it’s going if you can, k? Ushi, we’ve all come to love you in a very short time. You go do what you’re good at, girl. We’re rooting for you!

    • Oh, don’t start her off again, Laurie. She’s already gone through a box of man-sized tissues 😉 But I know T & A are very proud of me, and will be extra proud when I ace my training. I’ve done my best with extra cuddles for them this visit and, of course, I’ve gotten myself extra biscuits in the process. Thank you for your good wishes for me, and I’m sure you’ll get some updates on how I’m doing. High paw to Dude 🙂

  5. Oh Ushi, you’ve grown up way to fast. You, Tricia and Adrian are so very special and you’ll always have a fan, as Tricia refers to it, over the pond. Love you beautiful girl. You’ll bless some lucky person and give them a chance at freedom they could never experience without you.

    • Oh yikes, Tricia is reading this over my shoulder and she’s off again. Where are the tissues? I suppose I have grown up too fast, which is why they’re whisking me off to training so fast, but I’m ready to learn and make everyone even prouder of me than they already are. Thank you for your lovely words, Lavada.

  6. Oh Ushi, deep down you are as sad at leaving Tricia and Adrian, as they are of you going, but I know all three of you will have such fond memories of each other. Do drop in and let us know how your training is going – am sure you are going to have lots of fun at Big School and in your future vocation. Don’t be a stranger, you lovely, huggable thing you!

    • Ssshh, Kit, don’t let T&A know that. But you’re right of course, and I’m sure I’ll miss them, although not as much as they’ll miss me 🙂 Knowing Tricia, I reckon you’ll get updates about how I’m doing at Big School and, of course, when I qualify as a Guide Dog. I’m ready to work hard as well as have a lot of fun along the way.

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh Ushi, you certainly know how to tug at the heartstrings girlfriend! I went through some tissues myself. I’m not a dog person, but I have a great feeling YOU could turn me into one. I’m so proud of you, and I’m proud of Tricia and Adrian for giving so much of themselves to pups like you. It’s a good thing you do…dedicating your life to the aid of another. Go and do well, but don’t forget Tricia and Adrian…they love you!

    • I’m sure I could convert you, Valerie! I’m very gentle and lovable. Thank you for your good wishes and I’ll try very hard in my training so I can help people who will rely on me and in the process make you even prouder. Until then, bye bye and a big woof to you.

  8. I would have a terrible time giving up a guide dog but I did have several 4-H kids that did that program and it was very rewarding. Good luck to that puppy

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