I’m sitting in a hotel in San Diego as I write this blog. I came with my husband and son, so they can meet our newest family member, Dahlia, born two months ago. (Sorry. I’m still bragging about this.) Anyhow, while sitting in the continental breakfast room at our hotel, I got to talking to a lady who’s story is the inspiration for this blog.

Newly retired, her husband had been getting sicker and sicker. So they came over here for special testing. It turned out, his liver was so diseased (not alcohol related), they immediately put him on the transplant list. Now, keep in mind, they came over here for a couple days of testing, only. They’ve been here for six weeks.

You see, ten days after he was listed, he got a liver. It’s been three weeks since surgery. And she’s still living in this hotel. They don’t know when they’ll be going home, but he is slowly improving, so one of these days, they’ll see home again.

Man, what a miracle! To find out you’re SO sick, then have your future returned to you. It brought tears to my eyes as she recounted their story. I find myself sitting here, eyes misting over, giving thanks for the blessings in life. And crying a bit for the loss that preceded this gift.

We have a friend who had a liver transplant about ten years ago, again, disease related. He was in his mid 30’s at the time and is thriving now because of this gift. And we are so, so, grateful for that.

So life is full of miracles. All we need to do is look and listen and we’ll find them. So now, I’m going to go back to holding that baby, and giving thanks.


20 responses to “Miracles

  1. Health issues as serious as this one are hard but to be away from home. I can’t imagine. Thanks for the reminder to give thanks for good health and the generosity of strangers, and miracles.

    • Amen, Lavada. Amen. Just this week, my Mom fell. At 89, any fall is scary. And she did mess up her wrist and shoulder. Thankfully, no leg or hip injuries. So we are again giving thanks for small miracles.

  2. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great post, Laurie! Thank you for sharing this. God works in great and mysterious ways. And we most definitely need to be thankful for miracles great and small. Hope your mom recovers quickly

  3. What a wonderful blessing for them. A miracle indeed. Thanks for sharing the story. Best wishes for you mom!

  4. Such a lovely post, Laurie, with a timely message indeed and a reminder that yes, miracles abound in our world. I’m sorry to hear about your mum’s fall and hope that she recovers soon.

    • Miracles happen. Ushi is an excellent reminder of that. She brought you so much joy, and now she’s destined to provide someone else with an independence that is so…focal to our belief in ourselves.

  5. What a lovely story and an inspirational post.I have had an elderly dear friend and an elderly relative make miraculous recoveries within the last few months, plus my son escaped serious injury when a car hit his today. We have to remember to be thankful…and enjoy that baby!

    • Hi,Tonette. Wow, just today? I’m so glad to hear your son escaped relatively unscathed from the accident. Whew. I bet you are still sending prayers of thanks upward. Just sent one of my own on your son’s behalf.

  6. What a moving story – the miracle of a guardian angel guiding him to that place and time. Wonderful! Life and family are so precious and each moment to be treasured. Enjoy the baby, Laurie, and hope your mom recovers swiftly.

    Tonette: so pleased your son wasn’t hurt in that accident.

    • You know, I get so busy, so focused on the next edit, the next job, it was a real eye opener to sit and chat with this lady. It reminded me to stop and listen to people. Everyone has a story to tell, and they are worth the effort to hear, eh? Another benefit of miracles. We all learn from them. 🙂

  7. Thanks, All and I appreciate the prayers because it was worse than my son let on.(He’s a firefighter and was on his way home from his shift, so he’s brave.) He’ll be OK,I believe.He was in the hospital for longer than I knew and now how banged-up he was is showing more.They want him off work for a while. I am shook up a bit more, but I guess we’ll BOTH be OK!
    You are all dears! He almost rolled; it could have been so much worse.

  8. Thank you, Laurie and Lavada.He is out of the hospital but I am sure he will do his best to get back to work before the docs want him to.I hate it but I do the same…push myself. Bless you .

  9. What a nice blog. Brought tears to my eyes. One lucky person !!!

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