Daily Archives: April 23, 2014


I’m sitting in a hotel in San Diego as I write this blog. I came with my husband and son, so they can meet our newest family member, Dahlia, born two months ago. (Sorry. I’m still bragging about this.) Anyhow, while sitting in the continental breakfast room at our hotel, I got to talking to a lady who’s story is the inspiration for this blog.

Newly retired, her husband had been getting sicker and sicker. So they came over here for special testing. It turned out, his liver was so diseased (not alcohol related), they immediately put him on the transplant list. Now, keep in mind, they came over here for a couple days of testing, only. They’ve been here for six weeks.

You see, ten days after he was listed, he got a liver. It’s been three weeks since surgery. And she’s still living in this hotel. They don’t know when they’ll be going home, but he is slowly improving, so one of these days, they’ll see home again.

Man, what a miracle! To find out you’re SO sick, then have your future returned to you. It brought tears to my eyes as she recounted their story. I find myself sitting here, eyes misting over, giving thanks for the blessings in life. And crying a bit for the loss that preceded this gift.

We have a friend who had a liver transplant about ten years ago, again, disease related. He was in his mid 30’s at the time and is thriving now because of this gift. And we are so, so, grateful for that.

So life is full of miracles. All we need to do is look and listen and we’ll find them. So now, I’m going to go back to holding that baby, and giving thanks.