Memories From The Kitchen

imageI’m betting a lot of you will recognize this book. It was one of our wedding presents and as you can see by the stains and ragged edges a well used one.

Back then there wasn’t an internet complete with google to look up a recipe. We had to have books.

When I moved I cleaned out the drawer with books I had collected along with numerous clippings and hand written cards and scraps of paper. Some held memories but none as much as the old Betty Crocker. And it came along with me. Sadly I don’t use it anymore but can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

What about you? Do you have drawers with memories that abound from the kitchen? We would love to hear about them. If you’d like to post a guest blog let us know and as always we look forward to your comments.


8 responses to “Memories From The Kitchen

  1. I do have piles of recipes and some older recipe books. A friend and I were just talking about this, and how we can google any recipe we want. So we’ve both been going through and sorting the mess out. Most of the recipes are getting tossed in the recycle bin, but there are a few treasured ones (like my Great-Grandmother’s Spanish Rice recipe that are keepers. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I saved a few too. By the way that Breakfast Casserole you posted has become a family favorite. I used it last week at a brunch I hosted and it was a hit. So easy to make most of it the day before and even the leftovers are great.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’ve never seen a version of your cookbook, Lavada. The Betty Crocker cookbook I have is a binder-type one and can be easily added to. My favorite recipes are the ones handed down to me by my grandmas and Steve’s grandmas. They call for smidges and dashes and pinches. I actually bought a set of measuring spoons that measure out smidges, dashes, and pinches! 😛

    • Your’s is no doubt a later edition. My grandmother had an old one that had home remedies in it. It was falling apart and we let a cousin have it to rebind and he lost it. What a shame as it had been well handled so had a lot of memories. It had the smidges, and pinches too.

  4. Here in the UK it was Mrs Beeton’s cook books that were revered. I still have my copy of her classic cookbook given to me by my lovely grandmother when I became engaged, ahem, a few decades ago now. I’ve yet to find a better recipe for lemon meringue pie!

  5. very cool. I have a cookbook I was given as a wedding present as well but it looks really awful compared to yours. It has no cover anymore but it is very well-used. Jillian

  6. Another favourite here in the UK was the Goodhousekeeping Cookery Book, a huge tome of recipes which I revered and learned a great deal from after given a copy as a wedding present back in 1970. I passed it on to my daughter. Nowadays, it’s all celebrity chef books – I bet most of them will not stand the test of time.

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