It’s April that means tax time

That’s how I’ve always associated April, with paying taxes.  My taxes are done and filed.  And I even have my refund back already 🙂

My birthday is also in April so it’s a time for me to do some special things for myself, like taking a trip to a casino and visiting family I don’t see very often.

But in doing so I have to leave my cutie puppy Penny at boarding while I’m gone.  Now she’s a sweet puppy and doesn’t mind I leave her as long as I come back.

And because out weather is starting to warm up and we have sunshine, she’s super excited to get back outside in the backyard.

Here’s a picture from the other day she’d run around the yard and walked to the mailbox and back with me.


All she wanted to do was sleep for a while.  And as you can see she’s looking pretty furry – curly fur and it grew really fast.

It was time for her to get groomed again, so here’s a picture of her in the car after she was groomed.

Penny in car

A much better looking puppy.  You can actually see her face now.  And yes, that’s her doggy bed in the passenger seat of my car.  She loves to go with me and sits right in her bed on the seat.

And she always seems to know where we are even though she never jumps up and looks out the window, just lays in her bed.

I hope everyone has a great April and is enjoying spring – which I think has sprung for just about everyone.



9 responses to “It’s April that means tax time

  1. Ahhh, what a cutie Penny is. She looks so different groomed, too. Sounds like she’s pretty darn smart, if she knows where you’re at in the car. I’m betting that makes for some interesting…discussions…at home. Lol. So, who wins any arguments you two have?
    And a happy birthday this month to you, Marie!

  2. Happy Birthday. Love puppy pictures. We’ve had a poodle and schnauzers that needed grooming. They seemed to feel like I do with a haircut. April and taxes. I’d rather thing April and flowers. 🙂

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Happy Birthday, Marie! Penny looks like she’s a very sweet little puppy. Hope you have a great spring together!

  4. Happy Birthday! Your Penny is such a cutie, so adorable. If we lived near each other I’d offer to board her for you in a shot!

  5. such a sweet pup! Adorable. AND UGH on taxes. LOL- Jillian

  6. Happy Birthday too! Penny certainly looks a fab dog and friend. Not a lot to say on taxes – only that we hate them. lol

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