A Diamond Birthday

My Christening

My Christening Day

You may not be aware of it, but on this day 60 years ago something unique and wonderful happened – I was bought screaming and kicking into this world! Obviously, I can’t remember that day although I can remember much from a very young age. Unfortunately, my mother cannot remember precisely the time I was born, so I have never been able to obtain a full horoscope reading, not that I believe in the stars and astrology, but I do find the whole thing fascinating, especially when it comes down to character traits. I’m an Aries, and many of the qualities associated with that star sign is me; contrary, many other traits are definitely not! An Aries is supposed to be independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous ­– yup, that’s me all right. Aries people are also supposed to be moody, short tempered, self-involved, impulsive, impatient – I’m none of these things! In fact, quite the opposite. Well, may be a little impulsive if the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe are anything to go by…

So, am I doing anything special on this, my Diamond Birthday? No, apart from wearing my best evening dress all day and being lazy. (So, what’s new? my husband might ask!) I’ve never really celebrated any birthdays, let alone milestone ones; I’ve only once ever had a birthday cake presented to me, and never had a birthday party, not even as a child; we just didn’t do birthday parties in my house. Yet I never felt or feel deprived. As a child I was always at parties, not holding one never seemed to stop friends inviting me to theirs. They were fun, full of games like pass the parcel and blind man’s bluff and the food: jelly and blancmange, sugar sandwiches, a piece of cake and a goodie bag to take home, often carrying a balloon or two. Happy, innocent days of childhood that seem so far away now.

Meeting up with a friend on Saturday, she asked me what it felt like to be 60. I told her it felt no different to any other day as it wasn’t my birthday quite yet. Now that day has arrived, I have begun to question where the years have gone, what I have achieved, not achieved and looking inwardly as to how I do feel. In my head I still think and feel the same as I did at 16, the brain certainly no different. Nor do I feel old, even if the hair is rapidly turning grey, a few wrinkles appearing; sadly but the body does feel its age, but then again, it has for years due to various medical conditions but not enough to prevent me from doing anything I want to do. I’m a fighter, nothing will stop me doing something if I set my mind to it (another Aries trait!).

Yet I do feel melancholy, almost afraid that my life is rushing by and yet there is still so much I want to do and see. I spent last weekend with my mother celebrating her 88th birthday, and I wonder if she felt this way 28 years ago when she retired from work – in limbo. For that’s how I feel at the moment. Is it normal to suddenly start thinking about how much longer I have, and to worry about what the next 10, 20 or (hopefully) 30 years will bring? How did you feel at this age? (If you’ve reached this milestone yet, that is.)

As an Aries, these self-doubts moments do not last long, and already I’m bouncing back, ready to crack open the champagne and start living. As I was reminded this morning written in a birthday card – 60 is the new 40. I’m hoping that is true, because if so, I’ve got a long way to go yet. Yippee! So perhaps there is still time to open that little art shop I hanker to have, one selling art supplies and paintings with a workshop and space to hold art classes and host writing groups. After all, it is the first day of the rest of my life and I plan to continue making it a good one. Cheers.

Cards, flowers, champers, crystal vase with sparkly inset, candle for the cake and mug with picture of my garden - a diamond day!

Cards, flowers, champers, crystal vase with sparkly inset, candle for the cake and mug with picture of my garden – a diamond day! Thanks everyone.


9 responses to “A Diamond Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Kit. What a great picture of your family. So are you the youngest or do you have younger siblings? Milestone birthdays do make us stop and ponder life. For one thing for years we know we still, baring health or accident have more years to go then years we have already went. Even the fiftieth could be half our life but after that we know we are on the downside of life’s mountain.

    For me I feel oldest when the kids hit a milestone. How did they get that old? A few years ago my brother-in-law and I were sitting on the patio and he asked how we got to be the oldest generation. We were all kids in school together and back then there was my grandmother, mother and father and then me. Now… But I feel so fortunate because I pretty much have no regrets, yes I’m slowing down, but then there isn’t so much reason to run when the walk is so very enjoyable.

    • Thank you, Lavada. When I consider my granddaughter is 21, I find that really scary. Yes, I am the youngest of 4. In the photo, standing next to Mum is Oma (my German grandmother) and my mum’s brother, Herbert, next to Oma. My father was behind the camera. I don’t remember that day but apparently I was well-behaved 🙂 Life is much more interesting now I’ve lost any desire to run and one sees much more when walking. I’ve a few regrets and made mistakes but if I hadn’t made the mistakes, I wouldn’t be where I am today so it worked out all right in the end.

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Kit. I LOVE your attitude. We can keep ourselves young and going, well, pretty strong, just with attitude alone. So enjoy the day and tomorrow, you can figure out what you’d like to do when you grow up, eh? 🙂

    • Thank you, Laurie. Had a lovely relaxing day with no desire to grow up, I intend to have fun, and now I’ve reached a certain age, I can get away with a lot more. Think young, stay young, that’s my motto now! 🙂

  3. Many, many happy returns, Kit. I think it’s pretty normal to feel a little reflective on those zero birthdays, especially the one with six in front 🙂 But I think having plans and things we still want to achieve means we still have a lot of living to do. Knowing you, I reckon you’ll achieve every goal you set yourself. So Happy Birthday my friend. The best is yet to come, 🙂

    • Thank you, Tricia. The best has started already – pensioner rates at hairdressers, pensioner deals in restaurants (as happened yesterday!) and discount card at B&Q . Started as I mean to go on – having fun. 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    A very blessed happy birthday to you, Kit! I think every birthday should bring a pause or two of reflection…who we are, where we’re headed, what we still need to accomplish, what new joys we’re looking for. I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you do celebrate YOU!! 😛

    • Thank you, Valerie. This was the first birthday I’ve ever stopped to reflect on where I am but the mood soon passed and I’m enjoying myself already as I mean to go on – living it to the full. 🙂

  5. Glad you had a nice day and a time of reflection! AND that your mom is still doing great at 88 is a real blessing. Look how much time you really have ahead since longevity seems to be in your genes. Happy Diamond Day! – Jillian

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