imagesI was going to repost the link and information for the live feeds at Hancock Wildlife again this year. But the nest I have watched for the past few years isn’t active and even with a high speed internet connection I’m having trouble getting into live feeds in the other nests. Plus there are a lot of advertisements to run through.

However there is a wealth of information on the site and maybe a different day or time will be better to view the nests.

For the past few years we have seen more and more eagles coming back into the area. What once was a rare sighting has now become more common place. At the old house we have a nest in the park next door and often see eagles circling the pond on our property. Eagles can live to 25 years, they start breeding at 5 years with many being older than that before they begin. As they use the same nest, or do if it isn’t disturbed, you can watch the same pair from year to year.

I found a table with the 5 phases of their activity that is interesting. They are laying eggs now. In past years I have seen the eggs hatch on the life feed and then got to watch the babies grow to fledglings and leave the nest. An amazing sight to get to see and you have a front row seat.

Phase 1— (Jan 1 – Feb 7) Courtship and Nest Building
Phase 2— (Feb 8 – Mar 26) Egg laying
Phase 3— (Feb 8 – May 4) Incubation and Hatching
Phase 4— (Mar 14 – July 9) Nestling period, 4 to 8 weeks
Phase 5— (Apr 30 – Aug 15) Nestlings 8 weeks through fledging

8 responses to “Eagles

  1. I love the timeline. Thanks for sharing that. We’ve got an great eagles nest near here, but have been very sad to see this is the second year it hasn’t been populated. Still, we do have eagles occasionally flying around, and love the view when we get it.

  2. They are so majestic. We have a number of different birds from an owl to a crane that fly around over at the old house. The kids are there now so I still enjoy sitting on the patio watching the show.

  3. Amazing creatures! It must be awe inspiring to see them circling above. I didn’t realise they lived so long either.

  4. Fascinating. I’m a big birdie fan and can spend hours watching them. We get quite a few buzzards around here and I can often been found with my head tilted up to the sky, watching. Great stuff. Do keep us informed of progress. 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    There’s a nest in Pittsburgh I have been watching this season. Three eaglets have hatched. Great thing to witness. For many years I watched the same nest as you, Lavada because you shared the link with me several years ago. 😛

  6. that is so cool that the Eagle population seems to be growing in your area. They are such majestic and beautiful birds. I love to see them soar.

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