Shh, Don’t Tell Jillian

Hobbes the cat here. I’ve taken over Jillian’s post since she’s been a lazy bum. She started mentioning last week that she had her Backyard day coming up but then she left me with the men in the house and ran off to some stupid book signing in Atlanta, Georgia. She had the nerve to be gone for two nights, too. Doesn’t she know those guys aren’t swayed by my sad eyed stare that means, “I need a snack and I need it now”? See photo for the look. Who can resist that? Yeah, I know. Those guys who live here.

Anyway, Jillian finally dragged her carcass back home late on Sunday and mentioned this post again but still sat around working on something she calls a WIP. Hmmm. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

She talked yet again about doing the post and setting it to go off on time on Monday night but that night, she read some book about that Tudor King who liked to marry and kill women. What kind of nut was he? She said it was for research. Research, smesearch. Not a fun topic for sure. It would’ve been better to read about a mouser. You know, adventures in hunting mice or something like that.

Last night, she fell asleep on the couch and I had to bat her face and jump on her spleen to get her to go to bed. Sheesh. She was taking my spot. What’s wrong with her?

I finally decided the woman was not going to get this post done so I did it for her. Won’t she be shocked when she finally gets over here to find that she’s not even needed? Henry Tudor can have her. See how she likes that axe on her neck, right? Wait, no, we can’t let that happen. What would happen to my snacks? Must. Look. Out. For. Stomach.

Be very, very quiet. Let’s see how long it takes Jillian to check in.

Happy April!


30 responses to “Shh, Don’t Tell Jillian

  1. Hey Hobbes! Fine job with the post. Do you hire out?

  2. Hobbes you should get an extra snack for helping Jillian out!

  3. Cute,smart and funny,too? You ‘re the whole package!Head-bump!

  4. Hobbes, you are hilarious. And thank you SO much for filling in for Jillian today. But can I ask you a question? What is it with you cats and jumping on spleens? Dude (you remember Dude, right? He rents a room to me here in his house.) Dude did the same thing to me the other day. Here I was, napping away on the couch, when blam! From the back of the couch, to my spleen, to a landing halfway across the floor. Ooomph does not even begin to explain that wake-up call. So what’s with you guys and using us humans as trampolines, anyway?
    Oh, and say hi to Jillian when she catches up with you.

    • Laurie- the spleen is actually the most accurate place on the human body to assure that nice sounding OOHF that comes out involuntarily from said human. Kudos to Dude for mastering the skill. I KNEW I liked that cat. I will tell Jillian hello when she comes to feed me because she IS good about making sure my belly is full- it’s the main reason I keep her around, you know. I do love that girl and her mad can-opening skills. Hobbes

      • Ah, yes, aren’t opposable thumbs wonderful? Guess you’ll have to continue to purr and head-butt her. You know, just to keep in her good graces. 🙂

      • Yeah. I got that purring thing down. She’s a sucker for that and the head rubbing her ankles. Hobbes

  5. OHHH good morning Hobbes. Loved, loved, loved your photo. And post, will have to talk to Jillian about making you a regular. Maybe — The World from a Cats view? I’ll watch for Jillian’s comment when she discovers that you filled in for her.

  6. Oh Hobbes, you are so adorable! This was such a great post. Wait until I tell Shakespeare you wrote something, he’ll want to try one too. Give Jillain my love and again, great post. 🙂

    • thanks Lynn. I bet Shakespeare would post an awesome blog if he got the opportunity. You need to let him give it a whirl for sure. I will tell Jillian when she forgives me for hijacking her post. Which should be around snack time.

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Well, Hobbes, you’ve done a smashing job as a bloggist or is it blogger or perhaps blogmeister or maybe blog-pro…whatever you call yourself, just know you’ve done a smashing job here today! 😛 Snack-on my furry writing friend! 😛

    • I’ll take blogmeister as my title, thank you Valerie. It seems quite kingly and since Jillian gets annoyed at the Burgermeister Meisterberger in that Christmas show, it’s a perfect title for one such as I.

      Yeah- *looks at clock* it’s snack time!!

  8. Hi there, Hobbes. What a handsome boy you are! I can’t believe that Jillian would abandon you to virtually fend for yourself, treat-wise, for a whole two nights. You poor thing. Loved your blog though, and I think Lavada and Laurie should give you a regular spot at OTBF. I’m sure you’d write for treats 🙂

    • Ahh, Tricia. You so get me. I’d totally write for treats. Yep. Sure would. Thanks for saying I’m handsome. And yes, jillian was a bad girl to leave me to fend for myself. She needs to stand in the corner.


  9. Love it Jillian, I need to borrow your cat!!

  10. Great post. Hope we hear more from you soon, Hobbes.

  11. What a fun post! Even if I am reading this almost four years late. (Thank you WordPress for popping up with ‘More on WordPress’ suggestions!)
    I’ve overdue for a post on my Scooter’s Tale blog (yes – cats). Maybe I’ll steal your idea and do a post from one of the cats.
    Now to go catch up on more Hobbes reading.

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