So—all day I have wondered “what will I blog about this month?” BLANK—NOTHING—ABSOLUTELY NO IDEAS AT ALL.

Soooo here’s a little this and that about my dogs. Let’s start with Daisy and her trip to the groomer this past week. Now farm dogs usually aren’t groomed – right? Not Daisy, she has to live inside mostly on our bed and she has LOTS of hair. About every two months we make an appointment with a groomer. As we walk through the store to the dog grooming office Daisy lets everyone in the store know that she is there. She doesn’t bark but boy does she talk, the most unusual sounds come out of this dog’s mouth, and I am really embarrassed. You would think that I have a really out of control dog and that just isn’t the case, most of the time, with Daisy. Once she gets into the grooming office and lets them know that she is here and ready to be taken care of she has to jump around like a six-month old. The groomer assures us that as soon as we are out the door she is a little angel. REALLY?

Four hours later we come back to get our baby and the office is completely dark—panic parent here. Where is my Daisy? Carefully I open the office door and peek inside. “Be right there” hollers a voice in the dark. Out comes the groomer who explains that they have lost their electricity and the store in running on backup. Daisy has been bathed but not clipped, could we bring her back next Tuesday? Oh sure, love taking this dog in the store.

So today back we go and go through the same routine with all the vocal sounds coming from her mouth as we enter, now even the store clerks are laughing. I quickly turn her over to the groomer and hurry out of the store. An hour later I am back to pick her up and am told that she even jumped up on the table by herself and she was such a good dog—oh yeah I’m sure, just let me out of here. Whew, that is over for two more months!!

Now I just have to get her through a 10 day camping trip coming up. FUN. She loves camping but hates bicycles so it’s a constant battle to get her over this. The good thing about this is even though she hates bicycles she loves kids so even if she jerks loose from me she will run up to the kids and want to be played with. What a nut, but we do love her.

I am sometimes thankful that Missy is just a little dog and I can keep her completely under control. Missy’s only problem is her weight—she and I plan on loosing at least five pounds on this camping trip—lots of walking and NO SNACKING for her or me. Should be interesting, we’ll see how long that lasts. Missy doesn’t really eat much but it’s been a long winter and she doesn’t really like going out in the rain (at least that is our excuse and we are sticking to it). Last year I told a man at the camp ground that she had a thyroid problem when he told me she was a little chubby, not sure he believed that but wait until he sees her this year, he will have to believe me. The vet says lots of walking so we are working on that, it’s just hard to take a dog for a walk when you live on a farm. She always goes to do chores with me and runs around a lot but other than that she just sniffs around while I am working outside. Not a very hyper little dog.

Hope you are getting more spring weather than we are right now. Cold and rainy with just enough sun to make the lawn grow so that’s how I spend our few sunny days (mowing the lawn). Enjoy, summer will be here before we know it.


9 responses to “DAISY AND MISSY (AGAIN)

  1. Got to love them. And, I love hearing your puppy stories so keep them coming. I usually read OTBF with my morning coffee and your posts are a happy way to start the day.

  2. We love hearing about Daisy and Missy, so keep the stories coming. We used to have a Siberian Husky who yodled, so I understand weird dog noises. Lol. And our cat, Dude, is very sedentary and 17.5 pounds, so I feel your pain about the dog-weight. We take Dude for walks around our acre, but he’s just not interested in going further. He told me that, then laid his head back down. His head that is sleeping on MY office chair. I’m sitting on a dining room chair so he can have MY chair. Sigh.

    • I can relate!! Love to spoil them.. Cats have such an interesting personality . Our cat Mimi has to live outside because we wouldn’t have a house left with Missy and a cat.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Cute story about the dog and the groomers. She probably is very good once you leave. Kind of like kids…rambunctious while you’re there and then polite and well behaved while you are away. Hope Missy has a good time at camp and sheds her 5! 😛

  4. Speaking of walking, when I was out today with my two dogs, I saw the first trilillum of the year — at least, the first out here near the coast! Robins were eating in the fields and the pasture is green. Spring is here!

  5. Fun story, Nancy! Animals are so funny. I have a perfect visual of Daisy nattering away 🙂 And as Valerie said, I’ll bet she’s a little angel once mum is out the door!

    • Oh yes. We are camping this week and she is like this sweet little dog that never attacks. But then my granddaughter’s dog attacked her and she was do dramatic over the whole thing. We all just laughed at her. She is a good camper. I always tell people she has a thyroid problem when they comment on her weight!!

  6. Thoroughly enjoyable, Nancy. Love your stories. 🙂

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