March the Month of Spring

imagesSpring is one of my favorite months. It can be a cool even a cold month in the Pacific NW but it can also be a warm one and often mixes weather so that we appreciate the sunny days. It also means longer days and of course the first appearance of blooms. I noticed that there were a couple of flowers just peeking their heads out. Brave souls as it has been a bit cold and wet out.imageimagexx

March was named for The Roman god of war, Mars. In the northern hemisphere it is the beginning month for planting though here it can be a little early and I remember more than one year we had to replant. I haven’t gardened for a number of years but with the raised beds I’m planning to do a little this year. Will see how that goes as my thumb would be considered anything but green.

This year I’m also putting on a covered patio and doing some landscaping. I’m working with this fantastic architect. He hand draws the plans and they are framing quality. He came over last week to take an inventory of the plants in the yard so he can incorporate them into the plan. I can’t wait to start.

St. Patricks day is the 17th and in researching March facts I found this —- ready? Save A Spider day 14th. Okay, now I’m probably banned from hanging over the fence but couldn’t resist sharing.

Oh wait, this morning I read in the AARP magazine that with the dwindling days of winter, March is the month for spring house cleaning. The article comes complete with tips though, lucky for this blog I didn’t get that far.


10 responses to “March the Month of Spring

  1. I love Spring, but was always a summer kid. We need rain and snow badly and hope we have areal winter soon, but it does not look promising.

    • I thought Ca. was getting rain? But then I heard over TV that droughts can go on for decades and there are even evidence of them lasting centuries. Not good, I’d like to send some of ours down to you.

  2. No! Don’t make me start Spring cleaning yet! I won’t, I won’t, I won’t. Lol. Actually, the first 60 degree day is my kick-off for Spring cleaning. It may still feel cold, but that’s the first day I open some windows to air the house out a bit. 🙂 As for the spider thing? There will be no “banning”, but I won’t be participating in that save a spider day. LOL.

    • Ralph, brother-in-law was over yesterday and I should have shared this little fact with him. He hates spiders.

      Last year since we had just moved in it meant no spring cleaning and this year the house has stayed pretty much okay so I’m concentrating on the yard. But just took a look at the windows and they need doing.

      You won’t need to worry about spring cleaning in a lot of rooms with all the redecorating you’re doing.

  3. I LOVE spring cleaning (ducking behind the fence and staying out of Laurie’s way) and the gorgeous sunshine and warmer weather we’re getting here in the UK at the moment has inspired me to start.

    Your plans for your garden sound exciting and I can’t wait to see the results. Good luck with the planting.

    Oh, and I’ll be giving save a spider day a miss 😉

    • I laughed at the visual of you ducking behind the fence Tricia. Sort of overcast here this morning but sunshine in the forecast for the week and I’m so ready.

  4. Love spring, hate cleaning! And as we are in the throes of decorating I’ve the perfect excuse not to do any. 🙂 Well, not much bar the usual chasing of dust fairies and taking the vaccuum for a walk around the house. No, spring for me means flowers the promise of summer and an urgent need to be out in the garden. Have managed two mornings so far to have my mid morn coffee outside. Soon, hopefully, can enjoy early morn coffee out there as well. Bring on the sunshine, we’ve had enough rain.

    • We have certainly had a run with decorating. I love hearing and seeing pictures. Yep, remodeling and redecorating are excellent excuses.

      Too cold in the morning yet for us to be outside but it’s working it’s way in that direction.

  5. YAY for spring and all its glory. I love blooming flowers and the smell of freshly-dug dirt- I have a black thumb so I don’t plant – I just enjoy!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I have been itching to begin tossing things out the window or the door or both! I hate clutter! Since taking over the care of my aunt two years ago, I have about 1/3 of her house in my house and it’s increasing as I prepare to sell her home. That aside, I want to shake the winter from my home and invite in the sunshine…if we ever get rid of the snow, that is!! 😛 😛

    Oh, and Lavada…aint saving no spiders. Just saying…let them fend for themselves!! 😛 😛

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