LOVE–Dogs Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts!!

There are so many reasons we love Missy. She was found in a driveway in Longview one morning. She was scared, tired and hungry. After two weeks of trying to find her owner and with no reservation and no fear our grandson brought her to our house. Grandma has a very soft heart for puppies. Well, that was sort of it. Jim was a little unsure about keeping her. She had not tags and had recently had puppies. Another big expense at the vet office!! I convinced Jim that I had talked to her and let her know the rules. James had called her Missy so that name just stuck. Since that day she has been the best little dog ever. She loves everyone and every child that comes can just love her to pieces and she never complains. I’ll bet she was once a great mother, she loves to be cuddled and most evenings I can’t get away from her. Jim, who was more hesitant has taken longer to fall in love with her. Now he can’t get out of the house without her tagging along. She will spend hours in the garden snooping around when he is down there. She must have figured out that Missy was her name because finally she started coming when we called her. Sometimes she gets a little panicky but slowly she is getting used to riding in the car and camping with us. I’m sure every time we put her in the car she thought we were dropping her off someplace. I am thankful she found a home where she is warm and cared for.

Now, I wrote that part of my blog a couple of weeks ago—let me tell you about our past week.

We dog sat Andy again; Andy is a wonderful dog and loves everyone and everything. All of a sudden sweet little Missy is jealous. She not only attacks Andy, she attacks Daisy. Andy just stayed away from her but poor Daisy can’t figure out what’s going on. Missy will even wake up at night and attack Daisy, now remember Daisy outweighs Missy by about 80 pounds. Jim and I are still wondering how we are going to stop this, finally today we have gotten through the whole day with Missy not being a grouch. We’ll see what happens tonight. Gotta love those dogs!!!IMG_0758


8 responses to “LOVE–Dogs Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts!!

  1. I love your blogs and being able to share your puppies. You and Jim have earned your wings a hundred times over. Missy and Daisy are lucky to have you. Missy reminds me a little of Abby except Abby had no reason to be grouchy or worried as she wasn’t rescued. Just spoiled.

    How did Missy do with all the snow you had?

    • Daisy finally got Missy to go play in the snow and she lived it but hates the rain. Been going to call you for two days will try tomorrow .

  2. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up. (Sorry!) Animals are hilarious and exasperating at the same time. Thank goodness God made them so loveable, eh?

  3. Like Laurie, I tried very hard not to laugh at the antics of your dogs, but I couldn’t quite manage it, They are such characters and it doesn’t seem to matter what they get up to, we can’t help but love them, can we?

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow, that’s kind of bizarre isn’t it? The little dog attacking the big dog for no apparent reason? I have no “dog experience” at all! LOL. I do, however, think it’s wonderful the way your family treats animals of all kinds. Need more people like you in the world. 😛

  5. Missy sounds like a little sweetie. I’m glad your husband has warmed to her. She probably made it hard for him not to love her. I hope the jealousy issue got resolved before Andy went home and that things are back to normal with Daisy and Missy.

  6. Who couldn’t fall in love with such lovely creatures? I always enjoy hearing about their antics.

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