Ice and Snow? In Florida?

Hey, Jillian here. We’ve had a quite interesting last couple of weeks around here. First, my son got a new job in Providence, Rhode Island which necessitated him coming home (a ten hour drive) to bring his wife’s household goods to our house to add to the ones in our garage (that have been there since he went to England for his master’s degree) and put them all in a U-Haul to drive them up to RI. They came up from near Ft. Lauderdale on the day that the winter storm arrived so spent a good three hours (of the 9) driving in icy rain (good practice for RI).

The day after they got here, the whole city was shut down due to icy roads and the temperature didn’t get over 17 degrees Farenheit so none of it melted- we do not have snow/ice equipment here as it rarely is needed. My son and his wife closed the garage door to sort through his things but it was still super cold in there for them. It was pretty funny when they opened and closed the doors to dart out and put a load of stuff in the U-Haul. We sure aren’t used to brr temperatures like those.

The travelers left for Rhode Island along with my husband towing the U-Haul with his truck on Thursday. I told them I had visions of them having to live in it as they reserved an apartment sight unseen by using Zillow. Well, guess what? When they got there on Saturday, after 22 hours of driving, the place looked nothing like the pictures on Zillow and they refused to rent it. So, they didn’t get a place until Monday of this week and it’s been snowing up there. They got to pack in the ice and snow and also to unpack in even worse conditions. I’m just glad I had to work! LOL!

The day before the ice/snow was 69 degrees and after the three days of under freezing temps from Tues-Fri, it was 69 again by Sunday. It’s been a wild winter. Today it’s 60s but will be 32 tonight. Fun.

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16 responses to “Ice and Snow? In Florida?

  1. Wow. What an adventure your son and daughter-in-law had. And your husband definitely took one for the team by driving the trailer for them. Now that’s a GREAT Dad. πŸ™‚
    The weather has been horrid for a lot of people this winter, you included. My sister in Philadelphia is in the midst of an ice storm. Those are nasty. Her ER doctor husband may end up camping out at work.
    Enjoy the warmth of the days, and survive the cold nights. We’re 19 degrees farenheit here at the moment. We’ve had a cold, but mild winter but will be paying for that at some point. We’re down 11 inches on rainfall since Oct. 1st.

    • Ahh, Yeah, the weather is terrible all over. As to your Bro in law, I can relate as some of my nurse/doctor friends have to camp as hospital when the hurricanes come.

      I actually don’t mind the cold AND it kills the mosquitos that would otherwise be crazy in the summer. I’d rather be cold and add more clothes than hot and can’t take off enough. LOL!

  2. We don’t get much snow in the Pacific NW but there have been years. I’m glad to be retired and able to stay home until the roads clear. I hope the place your family finally got was nice. I’m glad your son was assertive enough to not take it.

    • Yeah. He almost handed the guy the cashier’s check he’d gotten before he left Pensacola but then said he wanted to think about it over lunch. They called from lunch and said not coming back. They got a nicer place for sure.

  3. Wow—what an adventure for your Son, DIL, and husband. I am sure you had a few anxious moments.

    This reminded me of our move from L.A. to Detroit in 1971. We went from 81 degrees to minus 3. All in my family were native Californians. It was shocking, but alas, I was ambitious and I accepted a management position to get ahead. lol Looking back, I am not sure that I would do that again, but we found the people very warm and friendly and valued families and church a lot. It helped us grow personally.

    Wishing your Son and DIL lots of success.


    • Thanks for the good wishes, Frank. Much appreciated. AND WOW on the move to Detroit and that weather change. I bet that was pretty shocking to the system. I’m really sad to see all the pictures coming from Detroit these days- such a tragedy that it has gone so far down.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I love Rhode Island! I hope your son and daughter-in-law like living there! It will be a great place for you and the hubby to vacation, too. Glad they arrived safely. As for the weather, well, we’ve had nothing but frigid below zero temps since the first week in January and enough snow and ice that we’ll still be thawing out come spring! πŸ˜› Hope Florida did not lose their orange crop!

    • I haven’t been to Rhode Island so am looking forward to a visit for sure! Valerie. I hear it’s been brutal cold up that way all winter. Hope the thaws come early for you. I have some fruit trees we’ve been desperately trying to save- covering them, uncovering them, covering them. Lol. I hoe they make it.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        The historic mansions of Newport are more than worth the tours and time. I love our trips to Rhode Island and I hope you will as well. Brutally cold is correct. Can’t have any flesh showing due to the temps and the wind chill. Brrrrr! I hope you don’t lose your trees. We’re getting set for another bout of snow, but I hope you’re seeing warmer temps there! πŸ˜›

  5. Valerie- I have read about those mansions and can’t wait to visit and check them out. I read some books a long time ago set there and I also have a local friend who used to live up there who sets her historicals there.

    We’re slightly warmer this week 30s at night and 50s in day except for Thursday when it didn’t get over 39. So, still chilly for these Fla bones. Lol

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      I strongly recommend the guided tours if you have the time. Steve and I have done both the self-guided and the guided. Both are excellent, but you get a lot more with a guide. The mansions at Christmas are very nice, too!

  6. What a journey! Do hope they are settled in Rhode Island and everything okay. I’ve seen our news how bad some of the weather is in the States, exceedingly cold too. We’ve had awful rains here with many areas flooded badly for weeks. As to snow, we’ve had none so far down here in South West England, in fact it’s been quite mild although I gather a little is forecast for tonight. I do hope not. I hate snow. Hurry up spring and warm up. We’ve all had enough of this winter!

    • They are all settled in up there, Kit AND cold. LOL!

      I’ve been following the rains in the UK and man, some places have been hit hard. I’m glad you’re doing okay. It’s scary sometimes how damaging weather can be!

  7. Yes, certainly an adventure, Jillian! I certainly never associate cold and snow with Florida. As Kit says, here in the UK we’ve had awful problems with flooding but as yet no snow, Certainly crazy weather for everyone this winter.

    • Yeah, Florida doesn’t get much cold weather but I live like 8 miles from the Alabama line so I’m in the extreme northwest corner of the state.

      I’ve been seeing those floods. Man, scary. I hope you’re safely away from it. It HAS been nuts weather-wise.

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