White Rabbits

A bit late for the first of the month but the nearest I could come to saying “White Rabbits” and “A pinch and a punch, the first of the month, and no returns.” Why? Well, in the UK these two phrases are a traditional superstition many people follow on the first day of the month. Apparently, saying White Rabbits” the moment you wake up is supposed to bring you good luck and an unexpected surprise during the month; the second phrase how you would greet someone on the first of the month. I’ve tried to find out the origins of these sayings but have drawn a blank, the closest being to the fact that people would carry a rabbit’s foot for good luck.

I have a thing about rabbits – I absolutely adore them, think they are so cute and cuddly and would rather a rabbit than a cat or dog. As children, we always had pet rabbits and later, I had wanted one as a house pet. Dave was on the verge of giving in until it was discovered I have a blood disorder and cannot risk being bitten or scratched as it could cause a few problems. My mother must have felt sorry for me for about 12 years ago for Christmas she gave me a little white rabbit. Sadly, not real but a rather cute fluffy one: so please let me introduce you to “Bunny”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bunny has since become a very well-travelled rabbit; he comes everywhere with me on my travels – home and abroad.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He has brought much laughter and fun among the family and strangers, had his own seat on a coach trip abroad and his own passport, wears sunglasses, been up a mountain in Austria, lazed on lilos in pools in Majorca, Minorca, Greece, Cyprus and … oh, I’ve lost count…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He’s been present at family get-togethers, loves to play tricks with the cleaning maids in hotels by being in a different place each morning, has sat strapped in on airplanes, waving goodbye as we’ve taken off, and once was threatened by a cheeky waiter in a restaurant. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My sisters and I were arguing as to whom he should sit with during our meal. The waiter, seeing our dilemma, suggested to settle the dispute he would get the chef to solve the problem with his cleaver. Needless to say, argument over and Bunny stayed in one piece – Mother took him from me and stuffed him in her handbag. Sorted.

He does get tormented a lot by my sisters though, often threatened with going for a dip in the pool or sea, but I know they wouldn’t do it really – at least not whilst Mother is there!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My husband thinks I am absolutely mad – a woman of nearly sixty talking and cuddling and playing the fool with a stuffed toy, whatever next? Yet, he too, joins in the frivolity and games by hiding Bunny in the bedroom – putting him a vase on a high shelf, stuffed into a drawer with his back legs poking out or sitting on top of the ceiling lampshade, and once I found him in a saucepan on top of the stove (don’t panic – no water, no heat!). And he thinks it’s funny to watch Bunny spin round and round in the washing machine. Yet it was he who bought a little red Santa hat for Bunny to wear at Christmas!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So Bunny didn’t get lonely when he was at home all day on his own, one of my sisters bought him a companion: a brown, scruffy rabbit known as Thugs Bunny.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So now the two of them come on holiday with me, and yes, the more I think about it, perhaps Dave is right after all and I am mad… totally and completely bonkers!

11 responses to “White Rabbits

  1. I like your bunny. lol I saw a blog once where a guy took a small yellow duck with him wherever he went.

    You are fortunate to have a nice family and be able to go places and enjoy life.

    Have a great new week,


    • Thank you, Frank. I’m keeping quiet about the little yellow duck we have here – needless to say Mother bought him to go on our fishpond but he too has a habit of wandering? Enjoy your week, too. 🙂

  2. Brilliant. How come I’ve never met bunny, Kit?

    Love that he’s so well travelled and obviously well accustomed to chilling out. That photo of him on the lilo is priceless!

  3. Love it Kit. And there is or should be a child in all of us. I really like bunnies too. We have a lot of wild ones over at the other house but they are pretty cautious with the dogs. Which is good thing. They do make good house pets or so I’ve been told but after hearing how they eat electric cords and the damage they can do I’ve opted out on that.

    I hadn’t heard the first of the month sayings. Seems maybe a more UK thing? But if I remember I might try the saying “White Rabbits” next month. Doesn’t hurt to pad the luck.

    • Lavada, when I first moved to Gloucestershire from London,it was sheer bliss to open the curtains of a morning and see wild bunnies playing on my front lawn. We overlooked nothing but fields and it was pure heaven. Not heard of them doing damage indoors, though. When we were kids and our German grandmother came over to stay, we used to bring the bunnies into the house. She’d get very cross so we’d often leave currants about the house just to wind her up.

      I always forget to say White Rabbits on first day of a month so can’t confirm if the superstition works! Let me know if it does. 🙂

  4. Ahhh, I love both your “kids”. They’re cute and cuddly and better traveled than I am. Seriously, it’s all okay until they have to have their own suitcase to pack. Lol a bunch. Thanks for a ray of sunshine on a cold morning. 🙂

  5. So pleased Bunny brought some jollity into your morning, Laurie. He and Thugs have certainly brought a lot into ours. 🙂

  6. This is so fun!! I love the idea of such a cutie as a travel companion and a part of your every day life. Love this post and the pictures- JIllian

  7. Hi Jillian. Glad you enjoyed! What is life if without a care, we have no time to stand … and have a lot of fun? 🙂

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    Kit! Great blog article! Loved it. Smiled the whole while reading! I love that your entire family has played pranks with Bunny…and I love Thugs Bunny’s name! 😛 😛 I hope you never stop having fun with Bunny!

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