The best laid plans…

In keeping with one of my goals for 2014 (being better organised), I wrote this month’s OTBF blog early this week so as to avoid the usual scramble the night before it’s due. I was pretty pleased with it, in no small measure I’m sure to the fact I gave myself plenty of time to write it. Well, that was on Monday night. Shortly afterward, I closed down the laptop for the day. The screen froze but I paid no mind, seeing as this particular laptop always had a tendency to do things in its own sweet time anyway.

Next morning I booted up and…nothing. Again, I wasn’t overly concerned as it wasn’t the first time I’d had to wait to get up and running. A couple of hours of trying and I finally got the message. It seemed my hard drive had crashed – not entirely sure what that means but a techie friend assured me that’s what had happened. After a slight tinge of panic, I reassured myself it wasn’t especially dire because I have a back up drive and all my photos are in a cloud somewhere and easily accessible from any computer. Only when I went to upload my blog post to OTBF did I realise that I hadn’t backed up since mid January! Okay, now major panic set in as I mentally ran through everything I’d worked on since then and which had now disappeared into cyber oblivion.

After having rested in a darkened room until I’d stopped hyperventilating, I began thinking more rationally (also helped by a large glass of wine and an even larger bar of chocolate). Almost all my writing-related work is backed up on a memory stick, so no worries there. All my photos were safely floating on a cyber cloud somewhere, and my email folder is accessible from any computer. Phew. Panic over…until I couldn’t find my OTBF blog post on the memory stick. It seemed that while basking in my new found ability to be better organised, I’d forgotten to back up all Monday’s work. Which got me wondering, maybe this being organised lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after all.

Ah well, so much for lamenting my fate, now to get to my blog post. This month’s focused on an article I’d read in a UK newspaper about seniors aging disgracefully. Apparently more and more over sixties are having affairs, gambling and smoking pot! Not sure I know any seniors in this particular category, but I love hearing about people of a certain age refusing to quiet down and act their age. While I wouldn’t advocate stretching the boundaries quite as far as the report suggests, it is good to know that a certain date on a calendar no longer carries the ‘pipe and slippers’ expectation it perhaps did for earlier generations of ‘oldies’. Here in the UK, the over sixties portion of society now has a huge voice (thanks to the baby-boomer years), and prepared to voice their opinions loud and clear when necessary. You only need hear a politician threatening to take away free bus passes and up goes the call to arms for a march on Parliament 🙂 Seniors rule! Yay!

I saw the following on Facebook this week and couldn’t resist posting it here. This feisty lady simply refused to be bullied or disrespected and brandished her own pretty powerful opinion on her aggressor.

What about you? Do you plan on aging disgracefully? If so, how?


12 responses to “The best laid plans…

  1. Oh, no! Crashes are not fun and I’d be hyperventilating, too. I’m glad the losses were minimal. As for elders behaving badly, while I’m not a crowd leader, more of a follower, I don’t think any of us should go out with a whimper. So I’ll try to do my part. Lol.

  2. Omg, OMG I loved that video. And, I’m doing my part and loving it. When I went down to Santa Monica with my two cousins last fall they were calling us the Golden Girls. Now that’s okay as long as you don’t take into account that they are all dead. 🙂

    Sorry about the crash, it again brings up the fact I need to backup these machines and get on a schedule to keep doing them. I do write blogs ahead of time but usually publish them so they automatically release on the date and time.

  3. Hmmm… the over sixties are having affairs, smoking pot and gambling mad?! … Roll on April when I join the club, didn’t know being 60 brings such fun and frolics. 🙂

    But how maddening for your laptop to crash! Been there and lost a lot of stuff but thankfully the very nice man in PC World managed to salvage a lot off the dead hard drive and recovered it all for me. I now use a back-up drive that automatically does its business every night and three cheers for Dropbox which I use for all my business stuff.

    Loved the video – just the sort of thing my mum would have done!

  4. wow. What a thing to happen. I hope that the stuff you lost could be recovered. I’m glad you seem to be taking it in stride.

    And I love that the older we get, the more we don’t have to back down. I’m pretty vocal and even though I am only early 50s, I plan to keep on expressing my opinions to all who will listen. LOL – Jillian

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Tricia…I don’t know what happened to my post. I was here last Saturday to read and left you a post, but it’s not here. Had to be my error somehow, I’m sure. As for the crash, my husband had his hard drive crash on him, too. He simply removed it from the computer, wrapped it in cellophane and placed it in the freezer for a couple days. He removed it from the freezer and put it back in the computer and it worked just fine. I cannot explain what freezing it does, but he is a computer tech type person, so he would have to explain it. I hope you were able to recover whatever you needed from it. Nothing worse than the feeling of hopelessness over a computer snafu.

    Oh, and the jerk in the car…he’s lucky all he got hit with was the airbag! 😛 😛

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