image1One year – it’s been one year since I moved and with almost thirty years accumulation it was a challenge. This house is about the same size as the other, but they have used the square footage differently. As you might guess I like some things more and some less. If it had only been the house I wouldn’t have moved, but the other place has seven acres and Jack had a lot of it landscaped. We had equipment, three lawnmowers. Two of them are riding ones. Still, it was hard to keep it all up. Here I don’t even have a lawnmower. The HMO takes care of the front and the back is landscaped without grass.

The other house had sprinkler systems but they were old and had to manually be turned on. Here there is an automatic underground system.

One thing I did enjoy was watching the garden come to life. The lady that lived here and created the gardens must have had a green thumb as her things have thrived, not one plant has died so far. She especially loved lilies it seems as there were lilies blooming most of the year. One type would bloom and when they were about finished another one would take over.

So with everything moved, some new stuff, like a dining room table, and a lot of old stuff it is easy living. Iimagex2 have more free time than I have ever had so this year I may play a lot. One thing I do want is to put on a covered patio. The gas grill has natural gas to it so I want the patio to cover that and furniture so I can leave it out year round. I’ll probably need to have it either attached to the house or anchored to the ground, as the wind is strong especially in the back yard. So that is the planned project for this year. The picture is a before picture, I’ll post a finished when it’s done.

What about you? I know Kit has some ambitious plans at her place. It will be fun to watch this year unfold Over The Backyard Fence.


14 responses to “Anniversary

  1. We moved 20 times in 40 years, but we have lived in our retirement home for about 20 years. Our entire yard is at risk due to a very, very severe water shortage. I expect the City do ban all outside watering one day starting with lawns. There is ground cover that does not require much water, so that will be a change. I noticed homes in Arizona have desert plants in their yards and no lawns–at least the part that I saw.

    Change is part of life on this planet. Sounds to me like you are handling it well.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your water shortage. We don’t experience it as much as other regions because of our famous rain. It’s times like this that makes me appreciate it. Until this house we always had our own wells and even had one artesian. This is my first time on community water.

      And yes change is a way of life. I’d avoid if I could but since that’s impossible I just take a deep breath and wade in.

  2. Has it been a year? Wow. And, as I recall, you had a pretty busy several months before that, so I’m glad you have more free time now. I bet that yard of yours will hold up well if we have any water issues, like HMN mentioned he’s having. We’re very low on our rain and snow pack this winter. It’s getting scary.

    • Almost exactly a year. I think about last year when at the end of the day I’d lay in bed and think, “What have I done?” At times it was pretty overwhelming but I have a wonderful family and friends so being alone wasn’t and hasn’t been lonely.

      The lack of rain and snow is a little scary but we have weathered it well before and knowing the Pacific NW we could get a really wet spring and catch up.

  3. Love the photos. You look very ‘settled in’ now and can’t wait to see the new covered patio when it’s finished. We don’t have any projects for the house as yet this year, but we are having new curtain and blinds fitted to the sitting room and kitchen, so looking forward to that.

    Lots of wet weather here in Blighty with many areas having dreadful flooding. Some farms and houses have been under several feet of water since Christmas.

    • I did window covering at the other house. They can be pricey and eventually I need to do them here. For now all but the master bedroom are okay but they need to be fixed or replaced.

      Sorry about your weather. We have never flooded but I have friends that were and it is a huge recovery.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I hope you get the patio you want, Lavada. Nothing better than having the perfect outdoor living space to rest, relax, and create in! I’ve got plenty of snow right here if you’d like me to send it your way. How about some 16 degrees below zero temps to go with it? 😛

  5. Good Fortune with your plans, Lavada! My thumb is either not very green or I get distracted too easily. “/

    • Thanks PJ. I don’t have a green thumb either. I’m thinking of having a service come in to do spring stuff and then maybe again in the fall. I think I can keep it up I just don’t know what to prune and when.

  6. Gosh, where has the last year gone? So pleased you are settled in and enjoyed the garden through the seasons and that you are now able to make plans for the year to come. As for mine, the garden needs some heavy pruning and moving and already collecting plants ready to plant out when the wretched rains stop here. Getting impatient to get out there and start. Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses. 🙂

  7. Thanks Kit, I may hire a service for the spring and maybe fall. I think I can maintain it in between. Wished you lived closer I’d be on your doorstep for advice.

  8. Sounds like you have some grand plans for the homestead. I love it. Can’t wait to see what you do! Enjoy the process.

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