GetAttachment[1]All day I have been trying to come up with something to blog about this month. My mind has been completely blank. So now it is getting late and I have a reminder from Lavada and I still have no good idea. SOOOO

We have been dog sitting for the past week. Our friend’s dog’s name is Andy and he is one of those dogs that just melt your heart. Tom and Mary found him in their yard one morning about a year and a half ago (just about the time we got Missy). The vet thought he was about three months old. He was adorable, correction, he still is. They thought he was probably part Lab but when he finally started barking you can definitely tell he is part Hound. He barks very little but when he does up goes his head and it is more of a howl! The only thing he found to bark about at our house was the cat, which stays outside. Mime would harass Andy all day long. She was either on the back porch when I would let him out or she would walk the railings on the front porch where he could see her through the window. It was a long week!!

If I had to correct Andy he would actually get tears in his eyes. Do dogs cry? Then, of course, I would feel bad and give him a treat and a hug and let him crawl up on my lap—this drove Missy crazy!

By nature he is a very curious dog. The first time we kept him he got away from Jim for almost an hour while I was gone. (We think he was just running in the woods that are all fenced.) Jim called in a panic and because we had bridge work going on, I had to sit and wait to get home. I was really in a panic when the phone rang and Jim said Andy was back and was trying to get back in the fence when he found him. That is when Jim put a very low hot wire around our field between the house and the barn and he hasn’t tried to get out since. Me, I pulled into Starbucks and had a very good Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Andy went home today and our house is very quiet. I think even Missy and Daisy miss him. He’ll be back though, because Tom and Mary are travelers and I am always willing to “Dog Sit.”

Now I need to get back to some laundry. I have been washing the home basketball uniforms for my son’s team for about three years. Tonight they had a home game so I have two tubs of uniforms to get done before I go to bed. Ball games are consuming our lives right now but it is so much fun that I am not complaining. Hope your January has been as peaceful as ours.


11 responses to “January

  1. Nancy, I think you adopt children just so you’ll have sports games to go to. Lol. And animals, too. You love to be surrounded by family (animals and kids), don’t you. Your devotion shows and I love hearing the stories. So keep ’em coming. 🙂

  2. I’m not surprised to hear you say that Nancy and they would be lucky kids. And, if I had a dog I’d bring him/her to you in a New York minute. Life is GOOD at your house. Keep these happy posts coming.

    • Will life iscgiodbif you can handle the dog hair. Poor Daisy needs to see the groomer once a month she is really hairy. I keep telling her she should be an outside dog but then she wouldn’t have a queen size bed to sleep on.

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  3. Oh forgot to mention that I love the picture. That is one lap puppy. 🙂 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Thanks for the smile, Nancy! 😛

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Nancy, as I do all your posts.. Animals can be such entertaining characters. Great photo, too. Andy looks as if he’s made himself right at home already. Look forward to hearing about his next visit. 🙂

  6. Sounds like a fun time with Andy. I bet he did have tears and he sure knew how to make the most of them. LOL! He’s a nice lil lap dog. Hehehe

  7. Love reading your posts, Nancy, and love the photo. I’m glad you’ll get to dog sit Andy again. He is one beautiful boy.

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