Hello January

imagesWhat do you think when you think of January. Winter? I wasn’t surprised to see that when I googled January clip art a very large percentage was of snow and cold. But in the Southern Hemisphere it is summer. However winter, or summer, I like January. For me it’s sort of a quiet month away from the hustle and bustle of holidays. It is also a fresh beginning of a new year.

Being somewhat a dreamer I can’t help feeling anticipation on what the year will bring. It’s sort of like having 365 wrapped presents under the tree. They hold mystery, challenge, fun, fulfillment, happiness, achievement, opportunity, excitement and all sorts of surprises. Can you see these things and more floating out of the brightly wrapped packages?

It used to be that with a clean slate of a new year we made resolutions. There have been so many jokes about these mostly broken vows that most people don’t, or at least won’t admit to making them. I used to and in the past couple of decades it has been weight related. Now I make goals. So what is the difference between goals and resolutions? I looked it up and this is what I found. If there is a specific achievement that can be measured it is a goal. Permanent changes to your life are resolutions since you keep doing them and not just until a specific achievement is reached.

So for examples:
Goal: Run a marathon (no it’s not on my list).
Goal: Lose 25 lbs
Resolution: Develop healthier eating habits
Resolution: Increase physical exercise

I guess I can’t face doing something forever so do better with a specific goal. But after defining the difference maybe I do need to add a few resolutions to my annual goals.

What about you? Do you make goals and/or resolutions? Do you write them down? Do you share them?


22 responses to “Hello January

  1. I liked your explanation. I was very big on ‘goals’ during my career and achieved all of them except one.

    I agree on the difference. I think goals are personal for me in away, and I can drag God into the mix with Resolutions.

    I like that–365 little presents. I am 80 and would love to have another 365 days.


    • They say age is just a number and there are people living into their 90’s and even 100’s more and more. You sound like you have a young mindset and that will go a long way. And, remember you have that 60th anniversary coming up. (and a little secret, yeah like posting it online is a secret) I’m not that far behind you age wise. Darn but we all get there don’t we. 🙂

  2. Me, a word-junkie, never stopped to think about it….surely “resolution” means to “have a resolve” which would be a permanent change!
    IO had given up on making any “New Year’s Resolutions” until this year.I think they are realistic, and I am resolved to continue with them!
    Happy New Year,Lavada!

  3. You too Tonette. And, wishing good luck and fun in realizing those resolutions.

  4. Goals. I know I’m an old dog with no new tricks and won’t do a lifetime change. Tooo much pressure. Yep, I’m a goalie all the way!

  5. I’m with HMN. I love the idea that it’s 365 wrapped gifts. What a GREAT way to look at them. And I do have goals for this year. Financial and health goals only, though. I figure both of those will make me happy. And if I’m happy, everyone’s happy. At least, that’s what my family says. Lol.

  6. I’ve never minded January – even if the weather is bad I always think it’s really only a few short weeks until spring peeks out from around the corner. Bunches of daffodils and tulips arrive in the shops. Yay! My favourites. Really love your 365 wrapped presents analogy, Lavada. Such a lovely postive way to view the start of a new year.

    • I’m glad everyone likes the analogy of gifts. For one thing when it comes time to open gifts I get excited to see what’s inside. Even when I’ve wrapped them I can’t remember what they were when they are all wrapped up so it’s always a surprise. I’m with you on the spring thing and knowing each day is getting longer is a gift in itself.

      I was talking to a friend this morning and she mentioned that it seems spring is right around the corner because the spring and summer clothes are coming out in the stores and of course Valentines and candy are on display now too.

      • In addition to my liking your analogy of days to gifts, I’m reminded that I’ve already thought for a long time, “Every day is an Adventure for me!”


    • Valerie J. Patterson

      I so enjoy seeing the first Tulips of the season. They are beautiful flowers and their fragrance…like the Daffodil’s…is very clean and spring-like. And such lovely color! 😛

  7. Nope, I don’t make resolutions but I do like the picture you painted of all the bright pkgs we have waiting for us to open in the New Year! I blogged more about that on 4 Foxes 1 Hound the other day, if you’re interested. 😉

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    Great analogy of 365 gifts. I always try to remember that every morning my feet hit the floor is a gift! Happy January, Lavada! 😛

    PS. I don’t know about you guys, but here in Pennsylvania, we’re looking at a VERY COLD month. Tuesday is supposed to be a high of 2 degrees and a low of -13 degrees. And that’s without factoring in the windchill!! Stay warm y’all!! 😛

    • I’ve been watching your weather on the news. So cold and dangerously cold. We are experiencing some really great weather here but rain is supposed to return on Monday night. Still I’m thankful it’s only rain.

      Bundle up and stay safe Valerie. Sending a hug to help.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Thanks for the hug, Lavada. It kept me warm! 😛 Oddly enough, the weather today was in the low 50s but getting snow tomorrow. Very, very odd weather…and perfect for getting sick, too, it seems.

    • Brrrrrrrrrr… It’s what they call “bitter cold” here in the PNW right now, but nowhere NEAR what you all have been facing! You stay warm, too, Valerie. :))


      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Thanks, Janette! This month the weather has fluctuated so drastically that it’s difficult to know what to wear to work! Leave the house and it’s 40 degrees, but down to 5 degrees by noon. Gettin’ some snow overnight, though. 😛

  9. Love the analogy. Whether we call them goals or resolutions, the sentiment is the same: we start the year with a determination to change or achieve something, either for ourselves or others. Mine? To enjoy life to the full and lose a few pounds along the way. Starting today! Hate winter; hurry up spring – that’s an order! 🙂

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