I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Everything is pretty much back to some sort of normality here in the UK and the sales are in full swing. From Christmas Eve most of the ads on TV are for the sales which start here on Boxing Day (traditionally the day after Christmas when servants would receive gifts from their masters which became known as a “Christmas box”). Having shopped-out prior to Christmas, I always think I’ll be happy to give the sales a miss, and yet I always seem to be ready to bag a bargain!

But mostly the period between Christmas and New Year finds me in reflective mode and, can I say, a little melancholy. Not sure why, and I wonder if most everyone feels this way. It’s not so much the let down after the frenzy of the season, but more reflecting back on what I’ve achieved the past year and whether I feel I’ve made the most of it.

Looking back, I’ve met most of the goals I set myself for 2013 – written two fiction novels and one non-fiction book, boarded what seems a plethora of puppies for Guide Dogs, had some lovely trips away, and finished some jobs around the home that seem to have been at the planning stage for ages. All in all it’s been a pretty great year. But have I fulfilled the potential of the year? It’s always hard to say. What I do know is the year has gone by at lightning speed and I spent most of it in busy mode.

So here I am reflecting on last year and planning for next. Some of my goals so far are to be more organised (that’s a big one), write two more novels, take more trips away with AJ, but mostly I plan to take time to savour and value everything. To, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “suck out all the marrow of life”.

That’s the plan anyway. How about you? What are your goals for 2014?

14 responses to “Reflections

  1. Hmmm. I haven’t set any overall goals for 2014 yet, but I’m doing what you are this year. Goals, not resolutions. 🙂 I do have some hefty writing goals posted above my computer. Now I need to nail down the personal growth goals. Like you, I find myself reflective, and yes, a bit melancholy between Christmas and New Year’s. I think it’s part of what makes us human. We have these periods of time where we analyze and adapt in order to grow.
    Happy New Year, Tricia!

    • Love that, Laurie, ‘periods of time where we analyze and adapt in order to grow’. I seem to have more personal growth goals for next year than career ones, although they do seem to be linked. A Happy New Year to you, too. May it bring you everything you hope for.

  2. I enjoy this time, the last week of the year. I used to get a little depressed but then started planning a fun project right after the holidays and that lessened it. Now I don’t need to so much as I am so very thankful for family and friends and a full life. I did set aside the 2013 goals. I didn’t do as much writing but got a lot of living in. And, did goals for 2014.

    Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  3. You are fortunate to look back and feel mostly good about it.

    I am thrilled to reach the age of 80. No one on my dad’s side of the family reached 72!! Thanks to God and Medical science!

    I have simpler hopes:

    I hope to vacation in Waikiki again next year, but hot to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary there in 2015—-assuming I am alive and healthy. lol

    2. I am going to the gym–recent activity and my wife says that I am much stronger and she loves it. lol

    3. I hope to find a church home that we really like–it has been a struggle for quite a few years.

    Happy New New Year.


    • You sound 80 years young, Frank! I love all your goals for next year… Waikiki… now that’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. And congratulations on being married for such a wonderfully long time – that really is something to celebrate! A very happy, healthy 2014 to you.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Congratulations, Frank and Mrs. Frank! I hope you see that 60th and many many more!

      I hope you find the right church, too. There’s nothing better than the perfect church family to pray for you, be there for you, and love you like an extension of your real family.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I get reflective, too, but not so much over achieving goals. I reflect on how I spent my time in the past year. Did my family know how much they were appreciated and loved throughout that year. Did my husband know how much of a treasure I believe him to be? Was I a good enough friend, co-worker, child of God? Was I so busy that I didn’t savor the rich happenings of my life? They won’t come this way again…not in the same manner or instance. I take stock in my blessings and then I look toward the new year and hope I’m better at living it, experiencing it, and enjoying it. There are things I need to improve and there are things I need to change. Life is so short and goes by so quickly. My dad’s quick and sudden passing, and the reflection over the impact he had on so many made me realize I wanted to strive to be just like him. I fall short, but I try.

    I set writing goals as well as other types of goals, but I try not to be too hard on myself if I miss those marks. I did enough “beating myself up” in my 20s and 30s over my career. My 40s are my time to try something different. It’s a different approach, but I figure eventually I’ll hit on a winning combination of sorts! 😛

    May 2014 be all you want it to be,,,and so much more!! 😛

  5. Way to go on meeting your goals – that’s super. AND I love the marrow quote. Let’s all do that this coming year.

  6. Love the quote! Having set my goals for 2014 – to concentrate more on my writing, art, relax more, and revamp the garden this year, they’ve been scuppered already by Dave wanting to revamp the whole house – except the bathroom – and has starting stripping wallpaper today and dragging me around the stores looking at new furniture and doors and thrusting paint charts at me. Still, a year is a long time and am determined to achieve my plans. Good luck with yours, Tricia.

  7. Wow, Kit! Getting your lovely new bathroom has done something to Dave! He wants to revamp the whole house? We’ll need to schedule a few extra lunches this year to keep you sane 🙂 Good luck with your goals. I just know you’ll achieve them!

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