I was wondering if we could pretend it is Wednesday, that would give us one extra day to get ready for Christmas and no one would know that I am again late with my blog. Could I blame it on my phone that didn’t BEEP to remind me or maybe blame it on Lavada that called me a day late to remind that I was late, again. All I can say is I am again sorry and will work on my silly reminders to be ON TIME.

We woke up to ice again today and the kids are out of school again. I think this makes at least four days they have missed because of ice. Our road is extremely icy—oh I might mention that I took a nasty fall on that road a couple of nights ago (I told Jim I hit my head!!.) I was running (running) to the paper box in the dark to put a card out for our paper man that comes at 4:00 in the morning, hit the edge of the blacktop and went flying. Of course they had put that little gravel stuff on the road because of the ice and, without tearing my jeans, my knee was covered with gravel—how does that work? It is still pretty sore but looking better. I may always have gravel imbedded in it??

I am actually about ready for Christmas just a little baking to do. This weekend I am off to Bellevue to a basketball tournament, three days, at Christmas, you got to be kidding! Oh well, Jim is staying home this trip to take care of the animals so I’ll leave a LONG list of things for him to do.

My cows have a new routine this year and I have no idea why. Usually they will stand in the barns all day long when the weather is bad. This, of course, makes a lot of work for me to keep the barns clean. This year they have decided to eat outside. I have no idea why, but I’ve found ways to keep the grain and hay out of the mud and I have not had to clean barns for three months!!! They must have heard me threatening to get rid of some of them because of all the work??

Misty and Daisy are anxiously waiting for Santa to come. I can’t believe that they never touch anything under the tree, but they do look. You think they can read?? Anyway they send their Christmas wishes to you along with Jim and me. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. See you next year!!!WHERE IS SANTA??

6 responses to “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Hi, Nancy. And Merry Christmas back to you and yours. Wow, A 3-day sporting event just before Christmas? That’s tough to fit in, but I’m sure you’ll manage. We have a cat, Dude, who has a catnip toy under the tree, wrapped. He hasn’t found it yet. Hasn’t even gotten curious about it. I’m not sure why, but I’m grateful the presents are surviving. 🙂

  2. Love the picture of Daisy and Missy. They do look ready. And you might have been late but I’m glad you made it as I love this blog.

    And, ummm wonder if pretending it is Wednesday would really work for that extra day? I’m thinking it would catch us next week and then we’d be a day late. 🙂 🙂 But nice try.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’m so sorry you fell, Nancy. I hope the knee mends and the gravelworks its way out of your flesh!

    Merry Christmas, Nancy! 😛

  4. Ooh, an extra day…wouldn’t that be great? Sorry to hear of your fall, and on gravel too. That’s extra painful. Hope your knee will heal soon.

  5. Merry Christmas!! I hope the basketball went well. Love the pic of the tree with the pup! So cute. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you’re bruises from the fall are healed.

  6. You could always start a new tradition in your family and put Christmas back a day – wouldn’t that be a hoot?! Hope your knee has healed. Love the photo!

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