As I wander through the stores this time of year I can’t help but wonder if we are skipping a holiday here in the States. We seem to go from Halloween to Christmas without a thought of Thanksgiving. Even trying to buy Thanksgiving napkins is pretty much impossible around here. I love this holiday because it is a holiday when we can all relax and enjoy our families. Well, we may eat a little too much, but it is still fun to be with our families this time of year. Enough of my little “complaint”.

I thought I’d catch you up on Missy this month. Many of you may remember that Missy is the little dog that someone dropped off and my grandson brought to our house. Now really, we did not want a little dog but we couldn’t just kick her out, soooo a year later Missy is still here and pretty much rules the house.
At first we had to always take her outside on a leash because she just wouldn’t stay in the fenced area between the house and barn. We couldn’t take her to the garden with us because she would sneak under the fences and end up on the road or at a neighbors. After many panicky times on my part, she decided one day that that was enough. She quit running off completely! She will go to the garden and stay all day with Jim and never get out of sight. She goes out to feed the cows with me and I don’t have to worry that she has ran off. Now, I will have to admit, some of that may be because she won’t let us out of her sight. Sometimes when I’m walking from one room to the other I will feel her right at my heels. The other thing she is really good about is staying in the house when we are gone to ball games. We have been able to leave her form several hours and she is just fine, of course Daisy is here with her but sometimes she gives Daisy a really bad time. Like when Daisy tries to go to bed at night, Missy will just attack her. Poor Daisy just slinks to her bed and I’m sure wonders “what in the world is this all about”. Most of the time they are great buddies.

Every morning I like to watch CBS This Morning while I drink my coffee. Missy will climb up in my chair and actually sit up and watch this with me. She really loves John Miller, who is a CBS correspondent, and her little ears pop up when he comes on. I am attaching a picture of her in my chair.

Needless to say, Missy has worked her way into our hearts and we wonder what we ever did without her.

Basketball is starting and with a granddaughter playing college ball and our youngest son coaching at the high school, plus our youngest granddaughter playing in a league, we will be busy again for the next few months. We are excited, love that basketball, and we aren’t out in the cold and rain! I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season.

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  1. LOL Very cute dog. Once a dog is allowed in the house when found, it is probably a good chance they will move in. lol My big brother brought home strays all of the time driving my parents crazy. Some stayed. lol

    What fun–a family into the same sport.

  2. I think this country does skip Thanskgiving. We don’t. It’s just as important to me as Christmas. Getting family together and celebrating the first real harvest ever had in this country, so sad so many pass right on buy it. As much as it’s going to hurt not having my mom here this year for the first time, we’re having a good “ole” fashion Thanksgiving!

  3. I agree with both you and Missie. Everything switched after Halloween to Christmas. Even my radio station has been playing non-stop Christmas music all week. I know it’s a “short” season this year, but gees, let us enjoy our Thanksgiving, eh?
    That little Missie of yours is adorable. It seems it took her a few months to decide to stay, but when she did, there was no going back for her. Enjoy!

  4. I’m beginning to wonder where my head is as I didn’t notice the absence of Thanksgiving things in the stores. Maybe it’s because it isn’t a big commercial holiday. A Good Thing! Thanksgiving a time to make memories for us and we have so many.

    And what a little sweetie Missy is. You and Jim are special people and it’s no wonder she’s staying.

  5. Glad to hear Missy has ceased her escape antics. What a sweetie, I can see how she has stolen your hearts 🙂

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I agree about Thanksgiving being lost. I am amazed at how many people I know who have already decorated inside and out for Christmas. Trees have been up inside homes for at least 2 weeks. I prefer to enjoy Thanksgiving! Have a great one, Nancy! 😛

  7. Lovely to hear how Missy’s doing. I’m surprised to hear Thanksgiving sort of slipped by, I thought it was always a big celebration for you, one we don’t have hear in the UK. Agree about Christmas taking over, has done over here since September. Dave and I always play a little game of who’s the first to see a Christmas tree up in someone’s window – we both saw this year’s at the same time – the house opposite us put there’s up last weekend! Madness. Hope you had a an enjoy Thanksgiving everyone. 🙂

    • I am a one season at a time person and usually don’t even shop until after Thanksgiving. I like the more relaxed time of Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holidays.

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  8. Missy sounds like a lovely canine! I’m glad she found you! and I’m with you, the Christmas songs the day after Halloween was just too much!

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