Happy Halloween!

Halloween creeps me out, literally. It’s not my favorite holiday. I can’t find anything but horror on television and ghouls abound. Heck, orange isn’t even one of my favorite colors.

But Valerie’s blog earlier this month (here) helped me to remember that I have a lot of good memories from Halloween. As a kid, we trick-or-treated in our local neighborhood. No parents, just us kids going door to door. We felt safe, cocooned by the friendly faces of families we’d grown up with.

As a teenager, dressing up for Halloween was uncool for a few years, but then as an adult, it became en vogue again and everyone threw masquerade parties. I mentioned in a comment on Valerie’s blog that I went in a full mask costume to my brother’s party. I drank through a straw and didn’t speak and it drove him nuts. He even flirted with me…multiple times. (There might have been alcohol involved.) I did finally let him off the hook and he was, well, darn near horrified. Made my whole night. 🙂 I love my brother, but he is my brother, after all. The jokes at each other’s expense tend to go back and forth on a regular basis.

Hween1991Here’s a picture of hubby and I at a costume party back in 1991. The hilarious thing here is that, with no mask or face makeup, no one recognized my white-haired husband.

As a parent of young children, I dutifully decorated the house each year in cobwebs and spiders (ugh!) and pumpkins.  I remember one year, while trick or treating, we came to a house with a long walkway, lined with carved and candled pumpkins. Both my girls were afraid to go up to the house by themselves. I told them they could pass on it if they wanted, but the draw of more candy for their already overloaded bags helped them overcome their fear. So they walked slowly, hand in hand. Made it to the door and turned back to me with a big smile on their faces. A smile that caved when the dentist who lived there gave them each tooth brushes instead of candy. To this day, their disappointment is a memory that makes me chuckle. But I also feel pride in that they walked the walk, you know?

Now, retired with grandchildren, we don’t do much for Halloween. Our neighborhood has not had many children in it for years, so we haven’t given out more than a couple pieces of candy. In the past year, though, we’ve had 3 or 4 new families move in. So the pumpkins are on the porch. The lights will be on and the bowl full and ready to hand out. We’re hoping for a fun evening this year, with lots of ghouls and ghosts and goblins. As I said in the beginning, I don’t like creepy. I guess, when it comes in small, costume-wrapped packages, it just doesn’t feel so creepy anymore. 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone! And, for your treat, check out these pumpkins:

24 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I used to wear masks as a kid and thought no one would know who I was. lol I did not do Halloween as a teen–don’t recall why not.

    Loved your brother story. It reminded me of a Halloween party my wife decided to attend. First, we only went to two parties in our marriage—-58 years so far. She is very proper religiously. A neighbor gal invited her to an adult Halloween party and she accepted. I was shocked. She really surprised and shocked me by renting a French Dancing Girl costume that was very, very racy. I remember that every guy there was dancing with her and I got jealous for one of the few times in my life. She had a blast and was laughing almost the entire night. She loved it, We later went to their Christmas Party and she quit going to parties after that. They had mistletoe there and I got into the grove and was kissing gals. My wife did not like that. lol

  2. First of all, congratulations on the rare blessing of 58 years of marriage. I hope you get many, many more years together. And I like your wife. She’s got spunk. 🙂 No wonder you’ve been together these many years.
    As for costumes and not being identified, we all certainly bought into that as kids, didn’t we? I don’t know how, because back then, costumes were pretty simple. Sheets, or a plastic face mask and dark clothing. No one could afford to buy pre-made costumes. But we had loads of fun. 🙂

  3. One of my favorite things about Halloween (okay, probably my only favorite thing) is handing out candy to the kids. It’s been disappointing the past several years in the neighborhood I live in because hardly any children come by. We, too, have had new families move into the neighborhood and I am hoping for an evening of hearing that doorbell! Love the picture btw 🙂

    • I know. It’s GREAT to see the kids come to the door and families walking together. Here’s hoping we both get to give out LOTS of candy. 🙂 As for that picture, we hit the thrift store for the clothes and I donated some eco patches from my teenage days to those jeans. And we rented those wigs. Okay, that’s creeping me out now, 20+ years later. We RENTED WIGS? Ewwwwww. 🙂

  4. I have never liked to dress up in costume but I loved dressing the kids up and spent hours making their costumes. I did make clown suits for Jack and I one time. They zipped up the back and Jack got claustrophobic or least he said that was why he sweated off all the makeup an hour into the party. Personally I think he was worried about needing help if he had to use the bathroom. 🙂

    • Poor Jack. 🙂 I bet that WAS what he worried about. Somehow, I can just picture you two in clown costumes, with him trying to loosen the collar all evening, like it was a tie.
      I just re-read your comment. You MADE clown costumes? I don’t sew. I’ve never had the patience for it. My hat is off to anyone who does. 🙂

      • I used to sew quite a bit. One of the most challenging and fun projects was making racing silks for the miniature horse roadster classes. I loved the bright colors. We learn things about each other all the time. 🙂

      • I have the highest respect for anyone who can sew. Alas, not me. Hubby is the seamster in the family, even for small jobs. Bless his heart!

  5. That was a GREAT Halloween story, Laurie! I can Imagine your brother’s disgust when he realized he had been flirting with his SISTER!! LOL!

    AFA No one recognizing your dh, I can see that. After all, they couldn’t see his white hair under his wig! He had a good costume, though. At first, I thought that was a pic of a couple women! GRIN

    I made a costume for my oldest son (when he was a toddler) one year. Note I said, “made,” now sewed.” LOL! I dressed him up in old clothes and a hat (I believe) and he went trick or treating as a Bum. (that probably wouldn’t be “Politically Correct” these days) LOL! I got the idea from hobos on the tracks.

    I enjoyed your pumpkin video. 🙂 I haven’t had carved pumpkins since the kids were little. Lately I’ve used a pumpkin with stick on decals that I made at my church’s Harvest Party each year!

    It’s a sad statement about the world, that kids no longer get to go out trick or treating like they used to. For safety’s sake, they mostly go to indoor parties instead. I’ve only had a handful (if that) each year since I’ve lived up here in WA.

    My fun memories about childhood trick or treating come from the country and farmlands in southern OR I lived in then. My daddy was Watermaster and every year he drove us around to all the farmhouses and ranches. Whereas now, kids are told not to accept homemade goodies, that’s mostly what we got! Candied Apples, Homemade Fudge, Popcorn Balls and all kinds of homemade treats from the kitchen. YUMMMM!

    I sure do miss country life. Or maybe it’s the times I miss. I do know I’d rather live in the country! 🙂

  6. Fudge. I LOVE fudge. My mouth is watering. And I know what you mean about times passing. Our grandchildren won’t have the same experiences we got to have.
    And hobo costumes are the best. A co-worker once came to work for H-ween dressed as a hobo, only she put Vaseline on her face and used coffee grounds to mimic a mustache and beard. I believe she was in the bathroom sick as a dog by 10AM from all the coffee fumes. 🙂

    • I didn’t do coffee beans to my little guy. But your story is funny! LOL! I do remember how I stuffed his big old man-sized flannel shirt to make him have a pot-belly! LOL! A pair of old jeans and work boots come to mind, too He might have even had a stick with a bag on it, to carry over his shoulder. I’ve got a picture of him and his costume around here someplace….

  7. He must have been clomping around like a clown in those old work boots. I’m chuckling as I read your comments. 🙂

  8. Fun blog, Laurie. Love the story of your girls and the long walkway to the big house, and receiving toothbrushes from the dentist when they really deserved some goodies for being so brave!

    Hope you get lots of takers this year. I remember last year we didn’t have one caller, it being a pretty awful night weatherwise, so hoping I don’t get left with loads of sweeties again tomorrow … and another inch added to these hips 🙂

    • I’m sure we remember that long walkway as scarier than it probably was, but it’s a funny memory from their growing up years.
      I’ll be hoping we all get to give large amounts of candy away. No way I want to keep it here!

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    Not a single trick-or-treater tonight. That makes me sad because I love seeing the kids and their costumes. I live near the top of a very steep hill and even though I usually sit on the porch, I can see parents looking up the hill and shaking their heads “no” to their children. LOL They don’t want to make the trek so they force their kids to miss out on the treats.

    I enjoyed your blog, Laurie, and I really liked the pumpkin video. For about a decade, I would drive up to my parents’ home and I would go with them and my nieces and nephews to a pumpkin patch where they would all select their own pumpkin. Then we’d all return to my parents’ home and I would carve pumpkins for the rest of the afternoon while each child told me what they wanted it to look like. No matter if the pumpkin matched their initial “design” or not, they loved every single pumpkin. And trust me, early on, some of those carvings were pretty bad!! 😛 It was my favorite autumn activity. I’m NOWHERE near the level of carving as the talented man in the video, but I was good enough for my nieces and nephews! 😛

    Happy Halloween!!

  10. And only one doorbell ring here. I recognize that things are changing due to the way our world is changing. I think this disappearing door-to-door tric-or-treating is harder on us adults than it is on the kids.
    So you carved a LOT of pumpkins each year. Now that’s devotion to family. My hands and arms are tired after just one. 🙂 I’m sure your carvings were better than you think.

    • No knocks or doorbell rings here, either. 😦 Of course it’s harder on us than them. We remember the fun of going door-to-door; they have probably never done that. You can’t miss something you’ve never had. 😦

  11. We finished out here with 5 doorbell rings totaling 12 trick-or-treaters. About double what we’ve gotten in prior years. And, of course, Skypes from the grandkids so we could see their costumes. I LOVE Skype!

  12. LOL About your brother. That’s hilarious. Creepy but funny. hahaha.

    Love the picture. so fun!!

  13. Great post. Loved that no one recognised your other half! It is fun that the children can dress up and enjoy the occasion but I have never believed or agreed with trick-or-treating (which, I gather, originated in Scotland and crossed the Atlantic to come back here in recent times!). Despite being a very mild night here this time, we didn’t see any children doing the rounds. Although, come to think about it, most of the children locally are now growing up or moved away. Didn’t even see one Jack o’ Lantern in windows either.

  14. So you got Halloween trick-or-treating in a bit of a sling-shot maneuver. I didn’t know that. And yes, there are pros and cons to the whole trick-or-treat thing. I have to appreciate that you called your month mild, Kit. Didn’t you just have a big storm roll through over there? 🙂

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