Daffodils in Autumn

Daffodils are beautiful Spring blooming bulbs, most with bright yellow petals and cups and a sturdy stalk to withstand the early Spring frosts. They are hardy and stick around for weeks and are one of the splashes of color I love as we wake up from the cold of winter.

You might wonder why I am talking about Spring when we’re only a month into Fall. Well, earlier this month, we were, as a family, immersed in daffodils. One of the biggest celebrations in our area is the Daffodil Festival, held each April. It culminates in a huge parade that travels through FOUR cities and towns.

As with all parades, there are princesses and a queen. The princesses are selected, one from each high school. The queen, of course, is selected in the Spring from one of these princesses.

And in early October, we got to attend one of the selection pageants. The four finalists, which included our granddaughter, all had to give speeches based on this year’s theme—Ready, Set, Grow! They each did exceptionally well, but I am a grandmother and, because of that, I think our granddaughter really nailed both her speech and her Q&A.Kasey

Apparently, the three judges thought so to, because she was selected to represent her high school. This isn’t just a parade thing, either. It’s a year long commitment and her appearances started the very next day after the pageant. It won’t be easy for her, since she vows to also maintain the perfect 4.0 grade point average she’s maintained since grade school.

But if anyone can do it, our granddaughter can. And that’s not just grandparent pride showing. It’s our granddaughter, proving again and again that she is up to the challenge.

Congratulations, granddaughter! We couldn’t be more proud of you!


21 responses to “Daffodils in Autumn

  1. What a beautiful granddaughter you have, Laurie, and a determined one, too. Sounds like she has a wise head on those pretty shoulders. You have every reason to be proud. Many congratulations to her.

    And daffodils, my favourite flower. I so love spring. *Sigh*

    • It’s funny. When I went to write this blog, I wondered if daffodils were a world-wide flower. I wasn’t sure, but now I know, eh? I tried to give us all a touch of Spring in this blog. We’ve been mired in pea soup here. Fog every day, almost ALL day, for almost 2 weeks. And several more days of it to come.

  2. So proud of her! What a wonderful ambassador for the time of year representing growth, beauty and strength!

  3. Congrats to her for a 4.0 average–that is great. She is also a very pretty Princess who has a loving grandmother. I realized that the reason parents struggle so many years with the had job of raising their own children is so the mom’s can have grand and great grand children. I have not seen my wife as happy as the day she held our newest great grand daughter, Izzy. My wife was all smiles!!



    • Ahhhh, great-grandbabies? You are truly blessed. 🙂 While I don’t have greats yet, I’ve had 21 years now of spoiling grandchildren. It’s our reward, eh? Although I have to say in retrospect, raising our children wasn’t really all that difficult. 🙂

  4. she’s beautiful! I love the pictures especially the one of you together. She sounds like a delightful young lady and I am sure she will be able to manage that 4.0 and still do her duties. Congrats to her and the whole family!

    • Thanks. We think she’s beautiful, but we’re a little prejudiced. 🙂 I think she will manage, too. She wants to (and has for several years) become a pediatric oncologist. Wow. I’m in AWE!

      • wow. Great ambition. She’s in for some work, some rewards and a lot of sadness when she can’t save some of the kiddos. I admire the heck out of that ambition!! Hope she makes it.

  5. Congratulations to your granddaughter – she’s beautiful. Do please tell us all what she gets up to during her year as queen. It’s a mad thing we do in here in the UK regarding daffodils – up and down the country people hunt for sight for the first daff of the season, some known to appear late December, early Jan. 🙂 I fill the house with them in Spring as they are such a ray of sunshine and mark the end of winter.

    • I love that you have a “Daffodil Hunt” every year. What a great way to herald the end of winter. It’s akin to waiting for the ice to break in the northern rivers, eh? Thanks for the congrats for our granddaughter. I’ve said it before and I’ll be saying it for a long time to come…she’s amazing! 🙂

  6. Wow Laurie I’ve said it before but again, you have an amazing family. I know it’s been fun watching this young lady live her life to the fullest. And, I’m with Kit in that I hope we have blogs through the year letting us share her reign as a royal. I love that’s it all around daffodil’s. Congratulations

  7. Wonderful experience for a young lady. When I was a senior at Franklin Pierce (1959-60) my best friend was chosen Daffodil Princess (Judi Shoe). I loved hearing about all her experiences. She wasn’t chosen Queen ~the gal from Lincoln High School was Queen. However when I was a junior the F.P. Daffodil Princess was chosen as Queen. Her name was Carol Mills and she was in my drivers training class so I heard about her experiences from time to time. Best wishes to your lovely grand daughter.

  8. What a lovely granddaughter you have, Laurie. I love her hair! You have every right to be a proud grandmother with full bragging rights because of all she has accomplished and will accomplish.

    You say you’ve been “bragging about being related to royalty,” if you will remember correctly, you have a very good friend who is royalty. 😉

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great experience this will be for your granddaughter. She’s simply gorgeous and has a most lovely smile. Congratulations to her!!

    You, Laurie, have earned the right as a grandma to shout from the mountaintops your joy and pride over her achievements. In our family, we call my mom, Mrs. AT&T because she never hesitates to sing the praises of her grandchildren. If you tell her good news of any sort, she’ll inform the entire family before you have time to dial a phone number!! 😛

    As for your Daffodils, in my eyes, they are second only to Tulips. Both flowers are the very first to arrive, heralding in Spring! I get a vase full of Daffodils every year for my office. Their fragrance is so pleasing.

    Thank you for sharing your excellent news with us here. 😛

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