Oh, Oh I did it again. Sometimes I wonder where I left my brain. Did the third Wednesday of the month come earlier this month?

I love October, the pretty leaves, football, soccer, and HALLOWEEN. This year we grew some amazing pumpkins. My husband was not
impressed as he hauled a lot of them up from the garden and even helped carve one. Mostly I just like them to sit on the porch or
in the house and look their best!!

The other thing we grew well this year was apples. We probably have twenty apple trees of various kinds. Usually we wait until
after that first frost to pick them but this year, for the very first time, we have had a deer problem. When we came home
the other night there were three of them eating on the trees by the driveway. Come on guys, I’ll leave you some to eat if you
let me get the best ones off first. They are pretty inconsiderate little animals, but for some reason it is always a thrill to
see them standing there, even if they are getting my best apples. Do Daisy and Missy care – nope—they just stand at the kitchen
window and watch them. Such great watch dogs I have.

We are excitedly waiting for college basketball to start. One of our granddaughters will be playing this year and we can hardly
wait to go to the games. Got our booster tickets and someone to stay at the farm when we have to be gone for any length of time.
I am excited!!

Hope all of you are having a marvelous fall. Our weatherman says no rain insight clear through the end of the month. Oh and really I
will be on time next month—honest.


7 responses to “HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. Wow those are perfect pumpkins. We haven’t planted any for years but I seem to remember lopsided ones. Up here we aren’t getting any rain but the fog is hanging in most of the day with only a few hours so sun. I want to get out and get the yard ready for winter, maybe plant some bulbs.

    I was late getting a start on the day. The darn smoke alarm went of every few minutes last night so not much sleep. The ceilings are high and I could reach it. Rick came over early and fixed and I fell asleep on the sofa almost as soon as he left. grrrr not the way to get this to-do list reduced.

  2. Great looking pumpkins, Nancy. And I hope you got those apples picked before the deer ate any more of them!

  3. I have misgivings about Halloween because my wife does not like it at all. I love seeing the little kids come by all dressed up with their parents. It is fun.

    I sort of like Autumn, but I am a beach guy at heart and love summer. I have the skin cancer to prove it. lol

  4. I love pumpkins and apples fresh from the tree. Sorry the deer got to your goodies! I like to see deer but I would’ve been sad to see them munching the apples!

  5. Fabulous pumpkins. It’s been a fabulous year here in the UK for apples and all sorts of fruits, especially blackberries. Not into Halloween although the kids here love it.

  6. How lovely to see the deer, even though they eat your apples 😉 Every year I tell myself I’m going to try making pumpin soup, but never get around to it. Maybe this year.

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