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GladysLater this month, on the 20th, a family friend of ours turns 99 years old. Gladys is a woman whom I very much admire. She still lives in the house she and her then new husband moved into 70 years ago. Sadly, we lost Gene a couple years ago. Now, Gladys’ son and daughter-in-law live with her, but not because she needs oodles of help. She still gets around with the aid of her walker. She still cooks, cleans, and gardens. And she’s sharp as a tack. Trust me. She asked me something over a year ago and asked me again a couple months ago if I’d managed to do what she asked me. lol. No memory issues here.

She’s got a funny bone a mile long, she’s stalwart, and she’s also a loving matriarch to her family. This past weekend, she had the honor of being the Grand Marshall in her small home town’s Apple Cider Festival parade. You see, her town is also 98, so they grew up together.

Gladys1Gladys wasn’t only honored at the invitation, she had a plan. She wasn’t riding in some fancy automobile. Not her, nosiree. She got on the phone, called around, and found a Model T (and it’s owner) to be driven in. The car, the town, and it’s matriarch—all the same age.

We knew this parade was one not to miss so made the 1.5 hour drive to see Gladys in action. It was one of the funnest days we’ve had in ages. I’d forgotten how fun small town parades are. Only one high school, so only one band. But the elementary school marched, also, as well as a group of kids on dirt bikes and quads. A local car club, along with princesses and queens.  Rounding out the parade were the John Deere tractors. LOTS of John Deere Tractors. And log trucks. IMG_20131005_112345

Afterward, there were pie baking (and eating) contests, cider pressing, and food and crafts lining the streets to enjoy.

This was Americana at its best.  No, that’s not true. This kind of goodness isn’t limited to America. It’s worldwide. So I hope you get to enjoy your Autumn fruits and labors with a celebration of all that is good.

And Happy Birthday, Gladys. Almost 99 years young. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all!


18 responses to “Home Spun Fun

  1. Gladys looks sharp as a tack, too, Laurie. I love how older people seem to embrace their age with fun and enthusiasm.

    • Hi, Jan. Yes, Gladys is enjoying life, and rightfully so. I forgot to mention that her husband built a steam lumber mill on his property. So weekday mornings, he’d go drive school bus and she’d get the boiler going at the mill so it would be ready when he got back to go to work.

  2. Nice to hear about Gladys. Our MIL made it to 98 and her sister to 96. They lived with us the last 5 years of their lives.

    I used to march in the high school band on the 4th of July. I played the clarinet and it was fun—good experience for a kid. The American flag and those in the military were a prominent part of the parade. Yes, the America we love and others in the world.

    • Ahhh, that’s great you had so many years with your mother in law and aunt in law. And marching in the band was fun, wasn’t it? I didn’t do it, but one of our daughters did. I did get to walk with them one year as a chaperone. Fun times. I’m happy this blog brought back some of those times for you.

  3. It’s good to see events and people like this aren’t just memories. They are real. Family life at it’s best. Thanks for sharing it made a good start to my day.

  4. I love her moxie in finding a car her age! I hope she keeps her attitude forever!

  5. What an inspiring and uplifting post, Laurie! Maybe I’ll share a post about my momma when she gets up here to live! She’s had a stroke and has dementia, so she doesn’t get around too much on her own (GO GLADYS!), but she’s still my momma and comes up with a lot of funny remarks!

    AFA small towns and their parades, NOTHING’S Better! Your post today brought back my memories of the Tulelake Fair in northern CA, which still happens every September, where I rode my horse in the parade and showed her at the fair. Good Times 🙂 The John Deere tractors are what reminded of the T Fair bc besides high school bands, farm equipment RULES in small country town parades!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Happy Birthday to Gladys indeed! She’s a blessed woman to be doing so well at her age. She has a very kind face, and looks as though she would be a hoot to sit and talk with! Thank you for sharing her with me!! 😛

  7. Ahh, 99 years young. What an inspiration women like Gladys are. I’ll bet she’s so interesting to chat to, all those memories and experiences to hear about. Happy Birthday, Gladys!

    • I love chatting with her. When we go to visit, hubby ends up walking the property with one or both of her sons. I think he misses out, because we sit and talk about Gladys’ life. She and Gene were married 72 years before he passed away. That’s a rarity these days.

  8. AWWW! I love it. So cool. She sounds like good people and someone I’d love to hang out with. What a fun time for her and for you to go to as well. I love small towns and the lifestyle. Seems so much less rushed than mine.

  9. Wow, what an incredible lady! And she looks so much younger than her years. Bet she has some lovely stories to tell.

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