Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Road Trip

I’m back and settling back into life after a really great vacation. Never easy to do as I hate unpacking. And, part of getting organized to be away is to put off everything I can until I get back. Which makes the first couple weeks filled with appointments and usually things I don’t want to do.

Of course I came back to rain after almost two weeks of sunshine. Late September is a perfect month to travel in California. Cool nights, and warm days. The first day we stopped at a casino for lunch and decided that we would casino hop for lodging. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before. The food is great and the prices good.

One search and subsequent find was after we started home. Around 4:00 we decided to start looking for a casino for the night. We’d found that while California has a lot of casino’s, they don’t have a lot with hotels attached. We found one in Middletown which is 91 miles north of San Francisco. We were on Hwy 101 and had to move over to Hwy 128.

And, that was where the adventure started. The road for a lot of the way was something you’d expect to see mountain goats on. It switched back and forth up a two lane road with drop off’s and more traffic than we would have ever imagined. About a two hour drive, Barb who was driving said that there was no way we were going to come back down that road in the dark. Of course we hadn’t thought to call ahead for a reservation.

When we got off the switch backs the road leveled out and took us through beautiful vineyards. It was like we had traveled to the top of the world and then Twin Pines came into view. Beautiful. Now for a vacancy and we were prepared to sleep in a broom closet. Holding our breath, we waited for the person ahead to check in. As soon as we moved up to the desk the lady smiled and said she was so sorry but they were full except for a suite and it was $250. Welllll, I immediately said we’d take it. Betty who had gone in with me nodded her agreement.

Accommodations10Now I have to tell you a little about the room and pictures won’t do it justice. Huge, it had a full bath and a half. Two big screen TV’s. All granite counters and a wrap around private deck. imageBig bedroom with a King size bed and couch and another pull down couch in the front room. We were tempted to stay over for two nights. Would I go back? No doubt, but we found coming in from the north is an easier drive.

So home but with fun memories with two cousins. I would highly recommend a girls git away adventure. It made me feel twenty again. Well maybe not so much but at least it stirred memories.