Happy October!!!

Thanks be to God that September is over. I had a big ole case that has been driving my life for months and the trial was on the 26th. Life is now back to normal (well, almost– since I’m still playing catch up). This is my absolute favorite month of the year. Cooler nights and black cats, pumpkins, lattes with spices, witch hats and striped socks along with rust-colored leaves and bonfires make me a happy girl. I absolutely adore fall. When I lived in Virginia, we used to ride up Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge mountains and get fresh apple cider. Man, oh, man that was some good stuff. I miss that the most. It’s just not the same here.

Here is one of my favorite pictures here in my hometown. I know y’all have seen it before but it makes me laugh every time I get a gander at it.

I also got myself a new toy the other day. I love her. She’s a happy, fall-loving gal just like me. Check out her shoes- she’s even a shoe-hound like me!

22 responses to “Happy October!!!

  1. I’m smiling. I agree with you on everything. I even love the change in the weather, although the 4 inches of rain in 3 days we just got through wasn’t so much fun. Happy Fall!

  2. LOVE the sign! So appropriate for October. I need to introduce you to my sister, the #2 Halloween addict.

    • I adore that sign. There’s actually a story I want to write about it but finding the time…..

      And yeah, I’d love to meet your sister although there is NO way she’s as cool as you!

  3. I love October too!? I always decorate early. Love your pictures

  4. October is my birthday month and like you I love fall. The road out to Jubilee is lined with trees and are at their best in fall colors. BUT, I’m ready for some relief from the rain. We’ve went from Washington drizzle to Washington down pour.

    LOVE the pictures and road sign.

    • HAPPY birth month, Lavada!! Lucky you for such a great month to celebrate. Hope the rain leaves soon. Hope you’ll post some fall pics later. Thanks for complimenting my pictures. I love that street sign for sure.

      • Gee, it sounds like you are bragging. LoL. The rain is okay, but I do admit too many days of it makes me a touch melancholy. So I have one of those SAD lights on my work desk to brighten my world.
        Today though, I don’t need it. In amongst the showers, we’ve had some glorious sunshine. Even the chill in the air felt expectant. We’ve got a couple nicer days ahead of us. Hope you do, too.

      • Nope. Not bragging. Moaning and groaning. I drowned at least three pairs of shoes this summer. I was glad to see the back end of it. I think we had all of two days in July that the sun shone all day. It was uber depressing.


  5. I love Fall, too; it’s my absolute favorite.And I have waaaaay too much fun for Halloween…Joe calls ,e “Morticia”.
    There is NOTHING like Virginia apples.I grew up north of Skyline Drive but oh, the colors!

  6. I am an old retired guy that loved summer and beaches as a kid. lol I never did look forward to Fall and Winter—and we spent 20 years in Snow Land. lol I was so happy when my job took be back to California to see the Pacific Ocean and its beaches again.

    I am happy for you—to each their own.

    • Ahh nice, California is lovely. I live in super hot Florida (the panhandle) so the least bit of cool weather is a nice change for us. I do adore boating and the beach but sometimes, it’s nice to have some relief from the heat and humidity. We get about 15 days of fall here. Lol.


  7. Well, I’m not much into autumn (being a spring/summer girl) but you’ve almost sold it to me, Jillian 🙂

    Love that sign. And that’s one interesting new friend you have there. Great shoes 😉

    • Well, maybe I’ll convert you yet,Tricia. lol

      I adore the sign. It’s begging for a story. And my friend is super friendly even though the company named her “Cranky Old Witch”. She’s not cranky at all.


  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great looking witch, Jillian! She’s dressed to the nines, isn’t she?

    Autumn is one of my favorite four seasons! 😛 I love how it is the beginning of nature settling down to prepare for winter and it’s stark beauty.

  9. That road sign’s wonderful! Being an artist, Autumn is a very inspiring time with no excuse for having nothing to paint, but I do dislike the season as it means the cold weather looming. So far it’s been glorious here. No doubt will change soon. Really dig the shoes on your witch. Would love ’em!

    • Kit- I’d love to see some of your paintings. You should blog about that sometime. I guess since I live in Florida, fall doesn’t mean the same thing as to you in the colder climes since I know our winters are mild. I think I might feel differently if I lived in Wisconsin. Lol.

      I do love her shoes, too.


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