Priceless Fake

I’ve always been a lover of fake jewellery. I love the freedom of wearing pieces without the fear of losing or breaking them. I do own real jewellery… my diamond engagement ring, a gold watch my mum bought me one Christmas, plus a couple of lovely gold bangles, ruby earrings… and I really treasure and value each piece. But I rarely buy real jewellery myself and over the years I’ve purchased probably hundreds of pieces of fake, or junk, jewellery. Some pieces have been around for years and I’m still wearing them now, others have been purchased to go with one particular outfit and discarded soon after. There’s no guilt attached, as I console myself with the fact that the pieces cost me next to nothing. But is all fake jewellery worthless?

Apricot pearls 3Recently, I had an apricot pearl necklace restrung. It belonged to my beloved grandmother and holds lots of precious memories. She used to let me rummage through her jewellery box when I was a little girl and as I grew older she’d gift me pieces of her jewellery, sometimes for birthdays, but mostly just because she wanted to do so. While the apricot pearls are beautiful, I never saw her wear them. Maybe she felt like me, and was worried about losing them. What she did wear, almost every day, was an Aurora Borealis beaded glass necklace that, although pretty, had no monetary value. AB necklaceWhile I inherited many pieces of her jewellery when she died, it is this glass necklace that I treasure the most. When I wear it I can almost feel her presence and energy radiating from the crystal and warming my heart. To me, that’s far more precious and valuable than the most priceless jewel.

These days, I’m getting much better at wearing and enjoying all my jewellery and do try not to worry about losing it. How about you? Do you have a special piece of jewellery you worry about wearing because it is so valuable? Do you prefer to wear fake or always choose the real thing? I’d love to know 🙂

13 responses to “Priceless Fake

  1. I am a lot like you. I have only a couple pieces of spendy jewelry and I rarely wear them as I am afraid of losing them. I do, however, have a wonderful pearl necklace that is my pride and joy. It’s my birthstone (June) and my husband ran into a friend who was cruising to Hong Kong. He had her pick up the pearls for me there. So I have a nice story about an inventive husband to go with them.
    Great topic, Tricia. I LOVE talking about jewelry.

    • Oh, what a romantic hubby you have, Laurie! I love pearls and they seem to be having a huge revival over here in the UK. It’s nice to see a bit of class returning 🙂

      • I love my pearls. In fact, I really should wear them more, even if it’s just around the house. There’s something comforting about their weight and the feel of them around my neck. 🙂

  2. Valerie J. Patterson

    The apricot pearls are simply gorgeous. Perhaps it was the color that prevented her from wearing them? The glass bead necklace is also very pretty, and something I would wear myself. Do you know where she got the necklace? Perhaps there is a story behind it, which is why she wore it all the time?

    As for me, I don’t buy jewelry. I have an allergy to metals so I have to be careful what I wear. My wedding rings had to be lined with rhodium before I could even wear them. Steve buys me a piece of jewelry every year either at Christmas or my birthday. I try to rotate the necklaces so that I wear each one. But mostly what I wear–daily–are my wedding set and a lovely amethyst ring he bought me for our first anniversary when we had very little to spend on anything much less jewelry.

    But I do have a very favorite cheapy that I adore. It’s a simple gold chain that has six cut crystal beads on it with a crystal heart in the center of those 6 beads. It looks great on solid color sweaters and is very versatile. 😛

    • Sadly I don’t know where the crystal necklace came from, Valerie. Likely a gift from one of us grandchildren.

      It’s a shame about your allergy, but looks like you have it covered! It always amazes me how much sentimentality is attached to our jewellery. AJ wasn’t too happy when I had my ears pierced a couple of decades ago, but that first Christmas he bought me the tiniest diamond studs, so small they almost disappeared through the pierced hole! But I treasure them because he knew it was what I wanted and bought them for me regardless of his own feelings.

  3. Jewellery – aah the way to this girl’s heart. I love it all, real or fake. Dave buys most of my real jewellery, sadly even after knowing me for 37 years he isn’t attuned to my taste so some is not quite me and it languishes in box. Others, I wear on special occasions. The rest is either from my mother, who gives to us girls each time we visit from her jewel box. Love those apricot pearls! The rest comes mainly from QVC – I think it’s called an addiction…ha ha! 🙂

    • LOL, Kit! Well, 37 years isn’t that long, maybe it’s taking him a while to get into the groove, so to speak 🙂

      It’s lovely that your mother gifts you with her jewellery. I’ll bet you remember the occasion she gave you each and every piece. Like music, jewellery is so emotive.

      Ah yes, that QVC addiction … I know it soooooooo well 🙂

  4. Like Kit, my ‘good’ jewelry Jack bought and I have some beautiful pieces. Pearls from China, Black Opals from New Zealand he had wonderful taste.

    My cousin designs jewelry and had two shows in Santa Monica. Of course I bought some pieces for Kris, Linda and Char and a couple of bracelets for me. She’s extremely talented.

    • Sounds like you have some exquisite jewellery, Lavada. Jack certainly did have fabulous taste.

      It must be great to be able to design jewellery. I’d love to see photos of your cousin’s designs some time.

  5. I have 10% in real jewelry and the rest is costume jewelry and was inexpensive but oh so pretty. I love the “fake” stuff … that way if I lose a piece or misplace it I don’t worry to much lol

  6. I love both real and fake as well. My great-grandmother used to give us her old purses with jewelry in them for Christmas. I still have three of the pieces and I treasure them for sure. So many of them were from the 1930s and 40s. I wish I still had them all but as a kid, I lost the majority of them- had no idea what a real treasure they were.

  7. That’s the problem, Jillian. When we’re younger we don’t always appreciate the precious-ness of what we have. I wish I’d found out more about the pieces my grandmother gave me … where she got them from, how special they were to her.. sadly I can only guess now.

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