The I-Hate-to-Wait Blog

by Theresa Scott

Have you noticed how fast-paced modern life has become? Way faster-paced than in prior decades. I think the main reason for this is related to one thing: we’ve become accustomed to the widespread immediacy of information on anything and everything, thanks to the web. We can get information on just about any topic in the world, day or night, downloaded from the internet whenever our computers/iphones, etc. are charged up and working.

I can look up any topic and read about it in-depth. (Whether what I am reading is true and accurate is way beyond the scope of this blog.) An invisible web now connects all of us, all around the world. Did you notice?

Digression alert: if all this networking stuff is done invisibly, I do wonder how future archaeologists will ever figure out what the heck we’ve been doing with our time on the planet? Ah, but let’s not digress any further into future generations’ problems. Let’s stick with our own. Which in this case, is: life is fast-paced.

So why would the immediate availability of all types of information cause a problem, you ask? (Good Question.) As I see it, all this immediate delivery of celebrity news, shopping news, opinion pieces, etc. on the web also sets the stage for more information, faster, in our (visible) lives, outside the web. I begin to expect that this new speed with which things are available on the web should carry over to every other aspect of my life. Food. Transportation. Money. Health. Charity. Buying shoes.

Major announcement alert: I can announce that we, as a species, now (officially) love speedy delivery. In everything. Not only speedy delivery, but speedy preparation, and speediness, well… everywhere. We expect that because something is available on the internet, the actual work done behind whatever we are reading or wanting should also be done quicker than ever before. We expect that we can get what we want faster and it will be just as good. As drivers, we want to travel at faster speeds, expecting others—cars, bikes, pedestrians—to get out of our way. What else are horns for?

Omigosh. We have gotten ourselves into a hasty pickle with all these speedy delivery expectations. What is the answer, you ask? (Another Good Question.) The answer, as I see it, is: renewal. Renewal of self, renewal of our personal energy, renewal of our sense of wonder. Renewal of our ability to see each and every one of us as precious and valuable individuals. Renewal, renewal, renewal. (How to renew is also beyond the scope of this blog.)

Warning alert: you know, of course, that your efforts at renewal must be done… immediately.

10 responses to “The I-Hate-to-Wait Blog

  1. Cool post, Theresa. I, for one, need to remember to ssslllloooooowwwwww down more often. I feel like I barely keep up with the frantic pace of life these days. I know I need to make more of an effort to put the technology aside and just “be”. I’m just not sure where to find the time. (little lol???) One new thing we’re about to start at my home may help. I love to read. Hubby, not so much. I just found a book I think we’ll both like, so I’m going to read aloud a little bit each night until we finish. Maybe we’ll start our own little new tradition, eh?

  2. LOL, Theresa! I loved your take on the rapid pace of life.

    So, does this mean if we went back to the days of foot travel, when that and everything else went s l o w l y, that the passage of time would slow down? Methinks not.

    That everything goes faster now means that we have more time to get things done in a day, which is good, right? It should be, but there’s still not enough time in the day to get everything done! Which leads back to the fact that there is no way to slow time down, no matter how fast we live it.

    I don’t know if I’ve made any sense, here, but that is what I took out of your blog on the pace of things. 🙂

  3. Love the blog article! I had an event in my life that taught me to slow it down. I was not made for this high pace life we are in now. I found I was so stressed out and missing out on what was most important, my family, friends and life in general. It’s just time for people to stop and smell the roses instead of rushing they way and one day realize, you can’t get that time back 🙂

  4. Ahhh but some of the fastness I like. Cooking, for one thing with so much available that is precooked it’s great to need to be in the kitchen less. Some of the tools we have like the microwave and I have a really great easy vacuum.

    But I have found that if you want a lesson in patience get involved in buying /or selling real estate.

    One thing about things that have to be done moving faster is that if we are smart we will use that extra time to not do more work so much as to enjoy all the bounty around us.

  5. Interesting !! Way to deep for 11:30 at night!!! But–I do agree with you..

  6. Interesting thoughts there, Theresa. We all need to slow down at times, stand back and smell the roses. It’s part of my daily mantra. I hate all this rush rush rush, hurry hurry, I want it NOW! impatience people have. Although I will admit to love driving fast, I much prefer living life in the slow lane, doing things at my pace. Makes for a calm mind and you see, read, learn more when taking things slower. Nothing worse, to my mind, that constant clock watching. 🙂

  7. Amen. TOO fast paced for sure. I totally agree. Even in the little bit of time I’ve been a lawyer, things have changed and not for the better. When I started in 1984, there was only regular mail. The fax came along and that bad enough since things came in the same day they were written but then email came along and it got even worse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the courthouse for a trial and come back to my office to three emails from the same person wanting to know why I haven’t responded- since I’ve had the email for hours! AND the people who email after hours and on weekends because “I know you have a smart phone and will see it.”

    yeah. We need to take back our lives. For sure.

  8. Yes, life does seem to move at a pace now, and sometimes it feels like it’s spinning out of control. The faster things move, the more I seem to want to slow down. Really dislike this hurry, hurry culture.

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