The three little words my husband dreads to hear…

For the first time in what seems like months, the Joneses house is relatively dust-free having come through what AJ jokingly calls phase one of our refurbishment/redecoration plans. He has threatened to send me back to work as, since retiring last year, I keep coming up with ideas for the house. He says the words he dreads to hear are “I’ve been thinking…”

Hmm, maybe I have been thinking quite a lot recently, but it’s such fun 🙂

Since August last year we’ve had the bedrooms, landing and hallway redecorated and new carpets fitted. We also decided to do something about the living room floor’s stripped floorboards which had seen better days. With last winter being sooooo cold, we noticed there were several gaps between the boards causing draughts. After much deliberation, we decided to have a new wooden floor laid by local fitters. AJ wanted it laid on the diagonal but I wasn’t too sure. I’m very pleased he managed to persuade me because I love the result. Kitchen 4

In the way of things, it left our battered old doors looking very sad, so they were replaced too. All this work was well overdue and mostly the house had been pretty neglected for several years while we were both working.

This week saw completion of the kitchen refurbishment. The kitchen is exactly what I hoped for. We had it completely replaced a few years back, but because we were at work and were unable to supervise the job several things were completed which I hadn’t really wanted. The company who carried out the work went bust shortly after completing our kitchen and we discovered that sub-standard appliances had been fitted which left us with a non-functioning cooker and a sink that looked perpetually grubby despite continued cleaning. Now, thanks to a really great local company, we have new quality appliances, a worktop I am totally in love with, a breakfast bar and extra cupboards. It still needs finishing touches, like window blinds and breakfast stools, but I’m very pleased with it.Kitchen 3kitchen 10

Of course, the problem with renovating/redecorating is it soon eats through the bank balance, so I’ve promised AJ to stop thinking for a while so both he and his wallet can recover. I’m not totally ready to be project free though and am planning to start work on the garden next. I want to try my hand at re-laying the patio and have already bought some ready-mix concrete, decorative pebbles and various tools and bits and pieces. Plus, inspired by Kit’s gorgeous and colourful garden, I have a list of bulbs and perennials to plant throughout the garden. All that should keep me busy for a while.

How about you? Do you like refurbishing your home? Hate it? What has been your favourite/least favourite project?

14 responses to “The three little words my husband dreads to hear…

  1. I have been waiting for pictures. First I love your floors. I’m still undecided here. The other house had wood and tile. I like dark wood but it’s harder to keep clean (or looking clean). The other house had oak cabinets/molding so the lighter floor went there. This one has dark. But not this year. I’ve already done/spent a lot so better hold off for a bit and get caught back up.

    Your big window over the sink is amazing. It’s been years since I’ve had one as both of my sinks (here and at the other house) face over a bar into the other room.

    Thanks for sharing it’s like really being neighbors to get to see and get the feel for your home.

    • I went back and forth trying to decide on light or dark wood, Lavada. It’s not an easy choice to make, but at least you’ve given yourself some time before you have to make the final decision.

      The big windows in this house are one of the reasons we choose it, as light is important here in a UK winter 🙂

      I agree, it’s nice being virtual neighbours, isn’t it?

  2. I love the pictures. Your kitchen is fabulous. I like the windowed cupboard doors. As for the new wood floor, AJ was completely right on the diagonal lay pattern. It looks awesome.
    I love changes to my home, but I agonize over the decisions. That’s the worst part for me. It almost always comes out looking great, but I am anxious until I get to see everything in place.
    For us, next, it’s a major remodel of the main bathroom. Not looking forward to that.

    • Yes, AJ was right about the diagonal, Laurie, as he never tires of reminding me 🙂

      The decision-making process can be agonizing, I’m certainly with you on that. I’m waiting delivery of the stools for the breakfast bar and still not sure I’ve chosen the right colour.

      Renovating kitchens and bathrooms seem to disrupt the whole house, but it’s worth it. I hope you enjoy planning your new bathroom, despite all the angst involved.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Very nice, Tricia! Really, *really* like the new hardwood floor. I agree with Lavada…the huge window in front of the sink is awesome. Having it overlook a beautiful garden will only enhance its appeal.

    Renovating? It’s been a little while. However, Steve and I are currently looking at floor plans for building a new home on the property where our current home sets. Way too many options to choose from, but the process is exciting! 😛

    • Thanks, Valerie. The big windows in our house were the first thing we fell in love with when we bought it.

      Building a new home from scratch? How exciting to have everything just as you want it throughout from the start. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  4. Love your floors, they look beautiful, and I have fallen in love with your doors! So different and stylish. We are about to start work rejuvenating our house starting on the bathroom and after months of deliberating we have finally bought new fixtures and fittings and tiles and about to start the demolition. I am dreading it, but at least Dave has decided to have it fitted rather than attempt it himself. Phew! Will be taking plenty of before and after photos. Then we attack our bedroom. Oh what fun… not! Wish me luck!

    • I am really enjoying these updates on our projects. It almost feels like we really are just over the backyard fence. Keep up posted Kit.

    • Thanks, Kit. We’re really pleased with everything,

      The thought of all the disruption is daunting isn’t it? But it will be exciting watching the bathroom take shape and it’s more than worth it in the end. Good idea to take before and after photos – I wish I’d remembered to do that!

  5. love it all- I agree about the planks at an angle. They look great like that. I think you have a lovely home.

  6. You r place looks great…now, can you help me do mine?LOL!

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