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Book Review: Cheyenne Amber

cheyenneamberI thought I’d read all of Catherine Anderson’s books but every once in a while I get a surprise. This is a re-issue from 1994 but has been unavailable until recently.

It’s set in Colorado in 1864. Laura Cheney’s husband and you can use that term loosely for him, has left her to fend for herself. Pregnant, she delivers the baby by herself and he is just a few days old when she’s informed that her husband is dead.

Laura has been raised in an affluent household in Boston and is ill equipped to handle pioneer life at it’s best. The situation she finds herself is at it’s worse. Her husband left her with no money, a well that has gone dry, an old mare and mule and no way to defend herself.

When her baby is stolen Laura shows that she’s one strong woman and sets out to get him back or die trying.

She heads for Denver in hopes of finding help and finds herself turning in desperation to a man with a reputation for being more Indian then White.

Deke Sheridan was raised by Cheyenne, a loner he tries to deny help to Laura but finds himself over his head with the beautiful determined widow and mother.

This hero and heroine are about as different from each other as it’s possible to get. Or are they? Especially when Love enters the scene.

I loved this story and pretty much read it straight through as I couldn’t put it down.