Daily Archives: August 14, 2013


LillyThere are pluses and minus’s to purchasing a pre-owned home versus a new one. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about this one is the garden.

We purchased it in October so the yard was getting ready for winter and even though the lady that had it, and loved it had marked the plants with names we didn’t realize all the beautiful flowers that were there until this spring when the garden came alive.

Each day it seemed new plants were showing off and one of the best were the lilies. The woman that created the yard had to have loved this flower as they were one of the first flowers to bloom this spring and they are still showing off. The ones in bloom now (picture above) have a beautiful fragrance that permeates the porch and comes into the house with the breezes we have in abundance. IMG_0058

I have lilies at the other house though not as many and I didn’t know how to plant so we’d have blooms all year. This has been a wonderful experience and one I can see a repeat of each year.

I looked up lilies with google and was surprised at the variety of blooms. I’m hooked that’s for sure and can see myself adding to the garden with these delightful plants.