DownloadedFileGood grief this year is flying by. Not sure reporting on the months is a good idea because it seems I just write one blog and the next is ready.

When I was a kid and then when we had kids, August was the usual vacation month for us. June seemed to early as it left a lot of summer with nothing ‘big’ to look forward to after the vacation. July worked but somehow by having it in August, ending summer with a trip like going to Disneyland seemed to be a fitting finish to the summer vacation and a sendoff back to school with the feeling of being satisfied we’d gotten the most from summer.

I just read an article titled “August – Lets Get Rid Of It” not very positive reading but it pointed out a couple of things I had wrong.
• It isn’t the top vacation month; July is. Well we did switch to Sept and Oct after the kids left home and come to think of it so did my parents.
• It isn’t the hottest month at least on the East Coast. July holds that title. Here in the Pacific NW it won’t beat this July for no rain as we didn’t have any in July. And, that doesn’t happen very often in any month.

The gemstone for August is peridot. peridot

Even though it is relatively inexpensive Cleopatra and the Ancient Egyptians favored it.

Native Americans on the San Carolos Apache Reservation mine the majority of peridot in Arizona but it is also found in Australia, Burma, China, Hawaii, Norway, Pakistan and the islands of the Red Sea. The shade of green color is determined by where it’s located. In the picture above it looks like an emerald and the Romans referred to it as “The Evening Emerald”.

Myths about Peridot are;
• It’s associated with positive energy.
• It’s believed that the stone can bring good luck, peace and success.
• It’s associated with the power to improve health, sleep and protect the wearer.
• It’s said it calms and soothes nerves.
• It attracts love.
• It more powerful when set in gold as then it will dispel night terrors and drive away evil spirits.

August doesn’t seem to be a favorite month but it holds some fond memories for us. 🙂


5 responses to “August

  1. I think I took most of my vacations (pre-kids and with kids) in July, but now that they are all grown, we’ve switched, like you, to September and October. August isn’t my favorite month. It tends to be a month of no change. I’m enjoying the warmth and sunshine so far, but by the end of the month, I’ll be ready for Fall to knock on our doors. (Sorry, I know the sun-lovers probably just let out a collective gasp.) For me, it’s the beginning of seasons that are exciting, not the waning part. Still, I fully intend to grab the sunshine while I can. I may like change, but I know this sunshine will fortify my during the winter. 🙂

  2. Periodot, the evening emerald… how lovely. August isn’t my favourite month either, it’s too close a reminder that summer is on its way out 😦 I’m not a happy autumn/winter person (sorry Laurie), but am a summer baby through and through.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Ah, August is quite lovely as far as months go. My dad was born in August and I was married in August. Growing up, we *always* vacationed in August, and in Pennsylvania, August normally *is* the hottest month of the year. I have a lovely peridot necklace that is one of my favorite accessories. 😛

  4. Ooo, must dig out my peridot earings – from now on will call them my evening emeralds – fabulous name. I love August but then again, I’m a summer person and August has always been the main holiday month, this because of it’s when the schools are shut here in the UK. Now, where did I put those earrings ….

  5. I love peridot. August is my mom’s and sister’s birthdays. I see from the myths that I need to get me some peridot. I need a better night’s sleep. Let’s hope it’s not a myth.

    Interestingly enough, August and September here where I live are the hottest months.

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