Sticky Fun and Games

Here in the UK we’ve had soaring temperatures and, until the last few days, almost unbroken sunshine. Glorious. Hoards of people have been out and about enjoying themselves and the shops have taken full advantage with summer sales popping up everywhere. Of course, yours truly has been indulging herself, and I’ve managed to bag a few bargains.

During my shopping sojourns, I’ve noticed a preponderance of those annoying discounted stickers that they place on sale items which advertise by what percentage the item has been discounted and/or the sale price. No amount of nudging, scraping, scratching, wetting or tugging can remove these things. They’re never unobtrusive either, but are always in loud, garish colours that stand out a mile. You may manage to dislodge a few tiny pieces around the edges, but most times the darn things refuse to budge. Persist, and you’re left with puckered or stretched areas of the material that highlights where the sale sticker once lay. The worst culprits seems to be those stickers that they place in the heel bed of shoes. They are almost always impossible to remove.

Recently, I couldn’t resist a pair of adorable strappy sandals. I didn’t need another pair of sandals, but since they were just sitting there, the only pair remaining of their kind and in my size, you know? I mean, how is a girl supposed to resist? But I digress. Positioned in the heel bed of one sandal was, you guessed it, a sticker declaring by how much percentage they had been discounted. And would it budge? No, it most definitely would not. I was tempted to leave it, but fearing it would be visible as I walked, proceeded to do the usual scraping, wetting, peeling thing. I eventually gave up. So how come, a few days later, while on a shopping trip with girlfriends and having spent what seemed like hours in changing rooms dressing and undressing as we tried on just about every dress in the high street, did the sandal’s sticker miraculously remove itself? Did it do so surreptitiously and unobtrusively? Not on your life. Unknowingly, I walked out the store proudly displaying a bright red circle with white lettering on my derriere announcing 30% off! Cue muffled, but slightly hysterical, laughter from friends as they pried the offending sticker off my jeans amid cries of “if only it were that easy, and we could pop a sticker on our backsides which would instantly reduce them by thirty percent”.

After lunch, during which they plied me with a couple of glasses of vino, purely for medicinal purposes of course (seeing as I was still pretty mortified, I think that counts as medicinal), I was able to see the funny side of it. There followed some hilarious conversation about if we could place a sticker on any particular part of our bodies and instantly remove some of it, which part would we choose. After some animated discussion (you can see that when we get together the conversation is pretty intellectual), it was decided that we were only allowed to have one sticker.

For my sticker I think I’d chose my tummy, but then my thighs could do with a bit of trimming as well. Hmm. Would have to give this some serious thought before finally deciding.  Which part would you choose?

16 responses to “Sticky Fun and Games

  1. What a fun blog. You started by day with a laugh before I even got up. I really need more than one sticker!!!

  2. Hilarious. I can just picture that sticker stuck to…well, you know. Sorry, Tricia. I really am laughing WITH you. And, since I am currently on a wine tasting weekend with several women from my family, I like the medicinal tag attached to the vino.:) As for where I’d place my sticker? Too many places to chose from.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you are continuing to have nice weather!

    • That’s okay, Laurie. I really can see the funny side myself now. Hope your wine tasting weekend is living up to expectations and, yes, most definitely medicinal. Wine, laughter and good company equals the very best medicine. Have fun and enjoy!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Laurie, hope you and the gals are having a great time tasting and sampling! One of my favorite things to do! 😛

  3. Oh, and Tricia? I’d like to congratulate you and Kit on that new little baby boy your country is rightfully agog over. Many good wishes to William and Kate and that new baby boy.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Laurie. It’s been pretty full on over here since Monday and, thanks to the relentless nature of the press, I think we know pretty much everything there is to know about our new little prince 🙂 But it’s always lovely to have something to celebrate and it brings the country together, so all good.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Loved this! Was chuckling right away. Had a feeling you’d be embarrassed by that sticker, but had no idea it would end up on your tush! As for me, I’d stick it on my upper arms, but with my luck, it would only reduce one arm (one sticker, one arm) and I’d look rather ridiculous!! 😛

  5. What a FUN blog. Okay,,, ummmm well one place I wouldn’t put a sticker is on my boobs. Always the first place I lose weight. Maybe between the tummy and boobs as I seem to be getting quite a spare tire there.

    Adding my congrats on the new prince.

  6. Fun blog. Love it. Where would I place my sticker …. hmmmm tough one. Can I have a very big sticker please? One that covers me from the neck down to my knees. Sorted! 🙂

  7. LOL!! I love this post. Too funny. This is totally something that would happen to me. I hate those crazy stickers, too. I’d like one though that was 75% off my belly!!

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