Well here I am again. I am so sorry I forgot my blog last month. Now I can think of about 100 excuses but I hate excuses to I’ll just say sorry and hope it doesn’t happen again.

As usual July is a very busy month and of course HAYING has to come right in the middle of it. But I love the smell of a barn full of fresh hay and I am always glad when it is finished. We are getting ready for our county fair which starts this week. Not taking any cattle again this year, that will seem so strange!! We are waiting for some of them to calf so best they stay home. I will feel like I’m on vacation. Jim is staying home this year and will just come down on show days (interesting), bet he will miss us. My youngest granddaughter has goats to show and they look like they are pretty good goats so she and I are going to do two back to back fairs. Should be interesting, first time in a lot of years that we’ve gone to the fair across the river from us and Jamie and I are doing it alone, and I am not a goat person. Bet I learn really fast!!

My youngest grandson is the “cook” in the family so he has been over making some very interesting recipes. Then after cooking all day one day this week he went home and made Snickers Fudge, does that sound good?? I never even got to taste it because I’d had some dental work done the day before. Hopefully he’ll make some to enter at fair!!

Two of my granddaughters graduated from high school this year so that kept us really busy. Both were honor graduates and we are very proud of them. Mostly though, we are proud of them because they are pretty neat young ladies. They give a lot back to their community by working with younger kids (coaching and teaching), making book bags (and filling them) and blankets for foster children and a homeless shelter to name just a couple. Hopefully they will continue with some of their many projects.

Before graduation our softball team, one of the granddaughters is catcher on the team, won the State Championship. Now that was a lot of fun, it was kind of like frosting on the cake after they got third in basketball at State this year. We will really miss all of the senior girls who played. They have been playing together since they were eight, on tournament teams in both basketball and softball. It’s like we are one BIG family. We thought things would be a little slower next year but one of the granddaughters is playing basketball at the local college so looks like we will hit the road again for the next few years.

Meanwhile, I have a trailer to pack and food to get ready. Have a great summer and if you have time take in your local fairs, they are a LOT of fun.DSC_0247

10 responses to “FAIR TIME

  1. Nancy, I follow the seasons because of your blogs. I love them. And I love how full of family they are, as well as the pleasures in life a lot of us have forgotten, I think. What a GREAT final year of high school for your granddaughters. I do have to say, though, my brother, who graduated his last child a couple years ago from high school, only traded frequent track meets close to home for less frequent meets…and a LOT more road time. They’ve ranged all over the Pacific Northwest following him to college meets. So keep that trailer ready to go come the school year. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time at the fairs!

  2. As always love your post. It brings back memories of ‘haying’ it was good back when but I’m sure I couldn’t manage it now. A number of our horse shows were at fairs so I know the intimacy of being a part of it instead of just a spectator. And, of course our daughter and grand daughter were a big part of that time so this all brings back memories. Enjoy your week at the fair.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Hi Nancy! Hope you are enjoying the fair. Your family is very tightly knitted together and that is a huge blessing! 😛

  4. Always enjoy your posts and boy, are you one busy lady. Hope the fair is going well and you are enjoying summer with your wonderful family. 🙂

  5. Hope you enjoyed the fair and many congratulations to your softball team. We have the Bath and West Show in our neck of the woods which is very popular. All over the UK there are fairs like it, but for some reason this one seems to be the creme de la creme 🙂

  6. Fair is fun!! This our second in two weeks. Beautiful weather!!

  7. Sounds like a busy, busy summer. Wish I was there to share some of the fun!

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