imagesJuly is the epitome of summer. Yes summer officially starts the 21st of June but it’s July and maybe August that I usually associate with summer. Maybe it’s because of the 4th of July with picnics, swimming, camping and of course fireworks on a warm summer night.

Starting with May I’ve been doing a blog post on the month and have enjoyed the research but I have to say July surprised me when I looked up myths. This is what I found.

1. No one actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th or even during July 1776. The first signature was on August 2 and the signing wasn’t completed until late November. One good thing about the time span is we have to have one date to celebrate and in this case July 4th is as good as any.

2. Paul Revere didn’t ride solo. There were actually 3 riders.

3. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the 4th of July.

4. Fireworks were brought over to the Americas around the 1600’s. The very first 4th of July celebration was in 1777.

I’m not a big fan of fireworks at least not backyard ones. Some of the displays are fantastic. What I think about when I think of July is;

• 4th of July
• watermelon
• blueberries
• sunny hot weather
• refreshing air conditioning
• lakes, river, parks

These are my first thoughts, what about you, what does July bring to mind?

8 responses to “July

  1. Living in the desert summer heat starts between April and May so by the time June 21st rolls around I think to myself “whats the difference” it’s still bloody hot outside and July and Aug are the worst. I love firework displays put on by professionals but it is often still 100 degrees outside at 9pm when they start here and too hot for me to go see them so we always have a relaxing celebration at home 🙂 loved your article.

    • Our weather is completely different. I got up to 66 degrees in the house this morning. It’s almost 2:00 and it’s a cool 68. It’s supposed to get to 75 today and that’s exactly right for me.

      I love Arizona in Jan and Feb though. Especially when we get a lot of rain.

  2. Interesting post, Lavada. I didn’t know that about Independence Day either. July means holidays to me, days spent on the beach and oh, it’s my birthday month, too 🙂

  3. Summer, finally. 🙂 That’s first and foremost what July means to me. It’s also my mother’s birthday month. Next week, she’ll be 89 years young. 🙂

    • It’s my mothers birthday month too. And it’s Jacks oldest sisters who turned 90 on July 4th. That lady is amazing, she’s like the energizer bunny still going strong. Say Happy Birthday to you mother from me.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Nice post Lavada. July is generally a calm, unassuming month for me. Other than Independence Day, nothing much happens. I’m OK with that, too!!!! 😛

  5. July means the garden’s at it’s most productive and I get to enjoy my favourite time of the day if the weather’s good – taking my early morning coffee (about 6:00 am) in the garden enjoying the birds and the peace before the rest of the world around here wakes up. Bliss! I hate being indoors in summer. 🙂

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