Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

Crazy World -It’s a Wonder I’m Sane

My life has been nuts for a while now. May 2nd is when I can trace it back to for this wild run. That’s the day I got a new client and life hasn’t slowed down since. He’s lucky I like him since the other lawyers on the case are driving me over the edge. I’ve also had two dental surgeries since then as well as another case that has about 7 lawyers I’m dancing around with- who have no sense of boundaries- emailing me at 8:45 pm on weeknights, on Saturdays, Sundays, etc.

So, this chick here (me) who’s brain is running at 99 miles per hour for weeks says (at her office today), “Tomorrow is backyard fence day. I don’t know what to talk about.”

My paralegal asks, “What about Arby? Have you talked about Arby?”

I’m like, “What? Huh? Why would they care about Arby?”

My brain starts spinning about this lawyer who is a friend and has been for like 30 years and I’m wondering what in the heck I’m supposed to say about him and what she even means and she goes silent so I’m really losing it trying to figure out what to type for this post.

So then she starts talking about this bakery near Arby’s office and says I could write about it. Well, heck, I’ve never even been in it, what was I going to say about that?

Brain still in overdrive, I’m thinking my head just might explode and then, then, then…

THEN! LIGHTBULB!! He’s over the backyard fence!!!!! The back of his office abuts the back of mine and he’s always saying we need a ladder to pop over the fence and visit each other.

So, is it any wonder I’m sane? I work with a woman who made me go through all these mental gymnastics when she could have merely said, “Arby’s office is over the privacy fence and so is the bakery. Why don’t you tell how he’s always asking you to climb over and visit? Or how he says he’s going to do that?”

See how easy that was? Geez.

For you who celebrate Independence Day, have a wonderful one!! As for me, I’m going to rest my lil ole brain.