P1030048My first Orchid was a corsage my father bought me when I finished the 8th grade. Back then there was only one high school so leaving our small country school was a big deal. A graduation was even held. There weren’t many orchid corsages and I remember feeling very special.

Until a few years ago I didn’t give orchids much thought except for a corsage. Then a friend brought me a plant. I was amazed at how long the blooms lasted and how hardy the plant was. And, how very much I enjoyed it.

Recently I purchased two for the new house. P1030047The yellow one I had intended to put in my bathroom but it ended up on the table. So of course I still needed one for the bathroom and bought the purple one. I can see myself getting addicted to these spectacular flowers.

When I went online to learn a little more about them I was surprised to find we get vanilla from orchids. I love the smell of vanilla. Pure vanilla extract can be pricey but so worth the price.

You’d think their beauty alone would be enough but I surprised to find that parts of the flower are used to create medications for various diseases and illnesses including arthritis, eczema, earache, hepatitis and a number of other conditions.

I’m hooked and plan to keep one (or more) in the house at least during their season. I didn’t have any luck with getting my first one to re-bloom so we’ll see how I do with these two.

20 responses to “Orchids

  1. I love them too. I have several silk ones in my house~they bloom forever!

    • Yep they do that. I’m thinking of getting some silk ones to put into the orchid plants after they bloom. And until they re-bloom. Might be wishful thinking on my part on the ‘re-bloom’ though.

  2. Your orchids are truly beautiful,Lavada! most that I have seen look like irises,(not that I have anything against irises.) I did not know that they bloomed for a long time,either.Reading this,I contemplated getting one….for about 20 seconds , as I am not good with houseplants.(Understatement here!)
    Believe it or not, no one has ever given me a corsage, at least, not yet.I knew a woman well into her 80’s who received her first one….I will probably break her record!

  3. conniefischer

    Orchids are lovely. My husband and I had a couple several years ago and kept them on the lanai here in our home in southwest Florida. They took to the humidity and indirect light. Unfortunately, they attracted ants so we put them outside in our flower bed and essentially forgot them. The leaves died off and the next spring, I noticed some lovely blooms popping through the shrubs and the orchids had bloomed again. For such a fragile looking plant, they are truly hardy.

    • It is amazing how hardy they are. We would never be able to have them outside here in the Pacific NW. To cold. I would love to see them in a garden. You are soooo lucky.

  4. They look beautiful, Lavada. I love orchids but, like Tonette, I am hopeless with keeping houseplants. I’ve been given orchids as gifts in the past, but I always manage to kill them, so have resorted to artificial ones which look amazingly real. Never realised about vanilla, that’s such an interesting fact.

    • From what I’ve read people tend to over tend them. Too much water for one thing. These plants take very little care. And the blooms last weeks. I’ve had the purple one is a couple of months and the blooms are still healthy. My feelings are that they last a lot longer than cut flowers so for however long I have them it’s still a better bouquet than cut ones.

  5. Oooh, I love vanilla and had no idea it came from orchids. They are beautiful plants, aren’t they.

  6. I think they are beautiful Laurie. But the vibrant unusual colors don’t reproduce if they re-bloom. My daughter-in-law had a vivid blue one and when it re-bloomed it was white.

  7. Beautifil!!I just don’t have very good luck with them so good luck to you in getting them to re-bloom. Check your calendar for the week after the 4th, hopefully we can do brunch that week.

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    That purple one is stunning, and I bet it likes the bathroom. Indirect sunlight and some steam occasionally. I think that was very sweet of your dad to give you a corsage. Clearly, you remembered receiving it. Nice post, Lavada! 😛

  9. Oh, Lavada, we simply adore orchids. Have several around the house at the moment and they last and last. We always thought they were expensive plants and difficult to look after but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just give mine a little splash of water once a week and a drip of plant food once a month. Love ’em. 🙂

  10. very cool to know that vanilla comes from orchids. That is neat. I love these flowers, too. I can’t have house plants because they die but I love to look at real flowers.

  11. Really enjoyed your story. I have yet to try my hand at growing orchids. Do they do well indoors?

    • Jamie thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment. I am about as bad at keeping house plants alive as anyone but orchids are really hardy. It seems over caring for them is the main problem. They are almost like a cactus in care.

      • Well generally house plants don’t last long in my house with 4 cats but they are just so pretty. Well I live in cactus country so maybe I wouldn’t kill the poor thing due to lack of water haha. I do well with outdoor gardening just haven’t mastered the indoor yet.

      • The way I figure it is they last for like a couple of months in bloom. So far I haven’t gotten them to re-bloom but there isn’t another flower that I can think of that has blooms that last that long. Inside or out.

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