Daily Archives: June 26, 2013


P1030048My first Orchid was a corsage my father bought me when I finished the 8th grade. Back then there was only one high school so leaving our small country school was a big deal. A graduation was even held. There weren’t many orchid corsages and I remember feeling very special.

Until a few years ago I didn’t give orchids much thought except for a corsage. Then a friend brought me a plant. I was amazed at how long the blooms lasted and how hardy the plant was. And, how very much I enjoyed it.

Recently I purchased two for the new house. P1030047The yellow one I had intended to put in my bathroom but it ended up on the table. So of course I still needed one for the bathroom and bought the purple one. I can see myself getting addicted to these spectacular flowers.

When I went online to learn a little more about them I was surprised to find we get vanilla from orchids. I love the smell of vanilla. Pure vanilla extract can be pricey but so worth the price.

You’d think their beauty alone would be enough but I surprised to find that parts of the flower are used to create medications for various diseases and illnesses including arthritis, eczema, earache, hepatitis and a number of other conditions.

I’m hooked and plan to keep one (or more) in the house at least during their season. I didn’t have any luck with getting my first one to re-bloom so we’ll see how I do with these two.