True Blood

Do any of you watch True Blood? I don’t but since we got a free HBO weekend and one of my friends is absolutely obsessed with it, I decided to give it try. I watched one episode about two years ago and thought it was silly but I decided to give it another go since it was the season premiere this weekend.

I also read book one of the series way back when it came out and didn’t really care for it but I’ve been assured by people who watch the show that it’s not the same as the books.

I’m here to tell you that I don’t care for it. It’s a bit too cheesy for me and is also a little too weird. Now, I’m a fan of weird vampires- after all, I was a die hard Dark Shadows fan as a kid but for some reason, I can’t get into this show. I guess that’s good since I don’t want to add HBO to my already too expensive satellite bill. LOL

How about you all? Can any of you explain the appeal to me? I really would like to “get” it. Help?

12 responses to “True Blood

  1. I do not care for vampire novels or shows. I, too, liked the original Dark Shadows series probably because it was so different from other shows on at the time. I watched the remake last night with Johnny Depp. Of course, the dark humor was the best part. As for True Blood, I have not watched it nor do I plan on it. I’m wondering if this sort of thing appeals more to young people just as the original Dark Shadows appealed to me when I was younger.

    • Connie- you may be right about the audience appeal being the younger folks. I just don’t see the fascination. It’s a bit too gory for me. Dark Shadows was more gothically scary and not gross like some of the scenes I saw.

  2. I watched one episode a few years back through Netflex and didn’t like it at all. But my daughter loves the show. Guess it’s all in taste.

  3. I haven’t read or watched Trueblood. And I’m not opposed to vampire shows. I, too, am a Dark Shadows fan. As well, I like the other end of the spectrum (Twilight). I just haven’t picked this one up and don’t think I will.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I confess, I have never heard of it…so no, I have not watched it. Alas, I have never watched Dark Shadows, Twilight, or Hunger Games. However, I did go and see the animated movie “Hotel Transylvania” 😛 😛

  5. I watched the first few episodes of series one, but quickly tired of it. They seemed to throw every ‘horror’ cliche into it. I love a vampire movie, but prefer the old Dracula played by Christopher Lee.

  6. Haven’t watched the show – sounds like I haven’t missed much. Not that I watch vampire/horror type progs – I’m a bit of a scaredy cat really. 🙂

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