Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

Hats and Gloves: Addendum

Some of you may remember a blog I did last winter about hats and gloves. If you are so inclined, you can read that blog here. In that blog, I state that I’m starting to get into hats and gloves more. True enough. Until now.

I was recently invited to an author tea, where hats and gloves were the outfit of choice. Now, I have several hats, none of which would dare be seen anywhere near the Kentucky Derby. My hats are functional. Warm. Sun-shading. But none of them are pretty enough for a tea.

So I set out to find one. I hit up my Facebook friends for ideas. Combed the internet and finally found something that was inexpensive and looked decent. It had free shipping, so I never even bothered looking at the shipping date. After all, I had 3 weeks. A few days before the tea, I realized the hat was coming from overseas and wouldn’t arrive until after the tea. Sigh. So off I went to some local stores to find an emergency replacement.


I did find one, and wrapped a scarf I already had around it to dress it up.

Guess what? The first hat arrived in the mail with two days to spare. Sigh. Hat1m So now I had two hats. And a quandary. I wanted to wear my beige gloves because they have little bows at the wrist. But the sea-green hat seemed cuter. I waited until the day of the tea to decide. Here are the hats. Which one would you pick?

The tea, hosted by fellow author Jami Davenport, was lovely. The weather cooperated and we were able to sit on deck. It was an afternoon of visiting and discussions and friendship and we all very much appreciated her inviting us. So, figured out which hat I picked? Here a group shot. Can you find me…and my hat choice? 🙂  hat3

So a lot of angst over a hat, but a fun day because of it. Oh, and I DID put the other hat in the trunk, just in case I wanted to switch. 🙂

I hope you’re all finding some sunshine to brighten your day today! And I have to take a quick minute to wish my brother, Ron, the happiest of birthdays!