Flying High


Seattle is home to a wonderful Museum of Flight that houses everything from earliest aviation to Air Force One (J.F. Kennedy’s) to the Space era. We even managed to snag the Space Shuttle Trainer when that NASA program ended.


Memorial Day weekend, the museum was full to capacity with folks, old and young, following aviation’s history. We know, because we were part of the crowd. It was a bucket list day for my husband, who finally got a wish he’s had since he was a child.

He got to fly in a WWII era B-17. And he enjoyed the heck out of himself. Days later, he’s still talking about how cool it was. It was about a half hour flight, but they got to move around the plane while in the air and check out pretty much everything. I stayed on the ground and got pictures of the plane taking off.

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And, after that, we found out there were still space available on a tour of the Space Shuttle cockpit tour, so Mark grabbed it. I chose not to as it’s all tight spaces and climbing through tiny holes. But I loved being part of it, and also, as you can see by the picture below, got a little work done.MOF6

So I’d call this a good day all around. Now all we have to do is figure out what’s next on the bucket list. Maybe Australia, tentatively set for winter, 2014.

Got any trips or things you want to do on your bucket list? I’d love to hear them.


13 responses to “Flying High

  1. Fun day, we saw Air Force One a few years ago and loved it. In all the years of living here we’d never been up to the Museum. Then a friend from New Zealand came and we took them up there. Quite a place and one I’d recommend.

    Australia is a good bucket list item. Would love to go back and see more. If you go be sure to check out the opals.

    • Not sure Australia is going to happen, but at least discussions (negotiations) have gotten to the point where it’s on the calendar. That’s a start, eh? And yes, I recommend the Museum of Flight for anyone in the area. It’s really interesting and they have docents who can give you all the history you can stuff in your brain. A full day for sure.

  2. What a brilliant time for hubby, Laurie! Experiences like that are priceless. Glad you enjoyed it, too, and very impressed that you found time to get some work done 🙂 Plenty of things still on my own bucket list, swimming with dolphins and a trip to see the Northern Lights for instance, while AJ is keen to visit the Outer Hebrides!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Sounds like hubby had an excellent adventure, Laurie. Good for him! Any day that involves clearing an item off the wish list is a great day indeed!!

    Steve and I have been discussing a trip to Rome. Not sure it will come to fruition, but discussing it is one step closer!

  4. awesome for him! What fun that had to be. I’m glad you had a wonderful day.

    My bucket list includes Iceland. I really want to get there.

    • OMGosh. I want to go BACK to Iceland. We spent a day there via a cruise and it is phenomenal. You have GOT to go. Stand in “No Man’s Land” between te two tectonic plates. Visit Gulfoss Falls. See the geothermal activity in action. Seriously, GO! (But can I climb into your suitcase?). ANd FYI – expensive! A cup of coffee (plain, black, drip coffee)–$4 +.

      • I plan to get there someday, Laurie. When I was in the UK in October, they had a special I saw advertised for airfare and two nights in hotel for like pounds 300.00 – I told my son that he needed to do that before he left over there but he never did.

  5. Wow. That sounds like a great price for Iceland. He’ll probably regret not going at some point, eh?

  6. Pleased you had such a lovely day. I always enjoy aircraft museums and airshows. Yours sounds brilliant. Iceland? Did someone mention Iceland? Would love to go there – on the bucket list. Great post, Laurie, and love the photos. 🙂

    • Okay, we need to have a group trip to Iceland. It’s kind of in the middle of all of us. Sort of. A writer’s retreat? With a few side-trips on the side? lol a bunch.

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