Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

Busy Schedules and Reflections

I like to take time on Sundays to kind of organize my thoughts and plans for the week. I look at my calendar and then, being the list maker I am, I list out my days and what I need to get done. It’s my way of making sure I can actually DO all the things on my list.

What I’m not good at, is looking back at that list at the end of the week. Lavada and I have had this discussion many times, but I still have to remind myself to reflect on what I’ve accomplished.

This, for me, is a good day for reflection. Memorial Day is Monday. In the United States, this is the day set aside for remembering and honoring those who died in service to country. It’s really become more than that, though, at least around here. It’s a time when we honor those family and friends no longer with us.

Today, my mother, my husband, and I will visit several cemeteries and pay homage to people who were and still are important to us. We can and do think of them at other times. But this has kind of become our annual pilgrimage.

So yesterday, I potted 8 little flower pots to place on graves. With each one, I spent time remembering. My grandparents, my aunt, my beloved step-father, my friend. Each flower that goes in the pot makes my smile widen as I remember time spent with them. How, when I could barely pay my rent, my step-father “borrowed” my noisy car and put a new exhaust and muffler on it. “Tired of hearing you coming a mile away,” he gruffed. 🙂 How my grandmother fed the families of her nine children each Thanksgiving–at a sit-down meal. How my friend taught me to love playing cards.

They all influenced the person I turned out to be. And I am grateful for them. So in the midst of what has turned out to be, for me, a very hectic week, I take these moments to remember and smile and be thankful.

I hope you all have a weekend filled with cherished memories, both old and new.