A Wee Bit O’ Fluff by Valerie J Patterson

I thought it would be good to just write a fluff piece this month, so I hope you enjoy the lighter side!

I find it amazing how different my day is if I wake up with a song in my head.  I have found out that there are mornings the song in my head is apropos to whatever I have to face that day, and other mornings it’s completely bizarre.  For instance, one day last week the hymn You’ll Never Walk Alone played on an endless loop in my head all day, and that evening I found it to be a comfort.  Some of you may recall, I have an elderly aunt with Alzheimer’s who I moved down to an assisted living residence near me after it was determined she could no longer live alone.  This day, I went to see my Aunt Sis and she wasn’t able to use my name.    This particular visit, she recognized me but was unable to tell one of the nurses there that I am her niece and that my name is Valerie.  That evening, while we visited, she struggled to converse with me as well.  So, on my way home while I was lamenting the fact that her Alzheimer’s is progressing, I once again could hear the lyrics to the hymn in my head, reminding me that neither my aunt nor I were walking through this storm alone.

Then there are those songs which seem to be replayed over and over simply to torture me!  They have no relevance to anything going on in my life, but merely seem to be stuck there either because someone planted the song in my mind or I heard it on the radio and it got lodged there.  For instance, not long ago the lyrics to I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas were playing in my mind as soon as my feet hit the floor one morning.  At first I thought, “Cool, I really like this song.”  Never mind that Christmas had long past and it was springtime.  However, by mid morning I was like, “Get out!  Get out!  Get out!”  I would hear myself singing it or humming it and those around me would frown and respond, “Thanks!  Now it’s stuck in my head!”

I rather like when that happens because then I’m not alone in my madness!

Songs centered around a female name are generally complimentary and are usually popular.  There is an older gentleman who frequently has business in my office.  Instantly upon seeing me he breaks out into song, and the song he is singing is Valleri by The Monkees.  He really belts it out, and I always, always smile or laugh and instantly feel my mood lighten.  He’s been serenading me with this tune since 2007.

One day I asked him how come he never sang Valerie by Steve Winwood and he said because The Monkees’ tune was better.  So, a debate ensued, but was never settled.  He was just in my office a few days ago and still we have not reached a conclusive end to the debate.  So, here are videos of both songs.  Please have a listen and cast your vote and the reason for your vote.  I’ll take my findings to work for the next time he serenades me!

Oh, and what’s the wackiest song you’ve had stuck in your head?

Until next time…may the song in your head brighten your day and lighten your mood.

18 responses to “A Wee Bit O’ Fluff by Valerie J Patterson

  1. Steve Winwood wins hands down, of course I am partial to that 80s music 🙂
    How cool that you have 2 songs with your name. Thanks for sharing Valerie.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Hi Becky! Thank you for coming over and reading and then casting your vote! I appreciate that! 😛 I’m partial to the Steve Winwood version as well. 😛

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Sorry, Becky, but I forgot to add my search results for “Becky”. I found 3 songs using either Becky or Rebecca, and none of them are worthy of the name they use. A song about Becky–in my humble opinion–needs to be as light as fresh air and make a person smile to be worthy of your name!

  2. I liked the Monkees’ song, but the Steve Winwood one is so good! At least you have a couple of good songs to choose from…there are no “Tonette” songs out there.(Although there is such a thing as a ‘tonette’, which is usually known as a ‘song-flute’. Upon being introduced to a co-worker of my husband’s once , the man asked me if my parents had been musicians. I laughed out loud!)
    A woman named Matilda was asked if people sing “Waltzing Matilda” to her and she said she preferred it to “Matilda”, made famous by Harry Belefonte. Frankly, I don’t see how.I get “Ma-til-da!” stuck in my head when I get into discussions or old photos of my husband’s family.Matilda was the name of his great- grandmother,(whom I knew through letters); she lived just shy of her 102nd birthday. So live long and prosper,Valerie!
    I get songs stuck in my head all the time and often they are themes from very old ads.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Hi Tonette! Thanks for reading and casting your vote. Thank you for sharing about your husband’s great grandmother, too. I always wonder about those people who live beyond 100 yrs. What did they do so radically different in their life that gave them such longevity? I had never heard the Belefonte song so had to go in search of it. I can see why it gets stuck in your head! 😛

      I tried to find a song for your name…even variations…but alas could not come up with one. I tried…

  3. Gee, I haven’t had a song stuck in my head for awhile. Maybe something to consciously think about. I used get “It’s a Small World” in my head. I like the beat of the Steve Winwood one but over like the Monkey’s.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thank you for casting your vote, Lavada! I like It’s A Small World, too. It’s playing right now in my head! 😛

      I actually found a song titled Lavada, but had a hard time listening to it and shut it off half way through. A song about you would have to be very sweet!

  4. I agree. I like the Monkeys song better, too. As for songs that get stuckk in my head, I have two that drive me nuts for hours if I hear them. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Ten Million Fireflies” (not sure if that’s the name). Oh, great, I’m already singing. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle…” Thanks, Valerie. (loling a bunch)

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Hey, glad I could help! 😛 In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

      Thanks for voting, too. Now, I have a Laurie song for you. It has an interesting story behind it, too. It was written after an article appeared in a Memphis newspaper in 1964 about a woman who frequented dance halls in the 1930s. Inevitably, a young man would offer her a ride home and she’d ask him to drop her off at the Resurrection Cemetery where she would disappear into the night. However, in 1939 her dance partner one night asked her where she lived, and she told him, but at the end of the night she asked to be dropped off at the cemetery. Following morning, he went to the address she’d given him while they were dancing and her mother answered the door. He asked to see her daughter and she explained that her daughter had died many years ago. He asked to see a picture and the picture she showed him was of the girl he’d danced with the night before. Here’s “Laurie”

  5. Monkees all the way!! For sure – I love that song but I can imagine you get tired of it. I have one that certain people sing to me and I get really tired of it.

    Sorry about your aunt – I’m glad that song fit the day, though. That happens to me a lot and it’s cool when it does but I’m with you on the annoying one. Get them out! LOL!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thanks for casting your vote, Jillian. 😛 Jillian is your pen name, but still I searched for a song about Jillian. Only found one. Couldn’t understand the lyrics in the video, and it was not upbeat at all.

      Thank you regarding my aunt. I just hate watching her go through this. But the hymn fit so perfectly. I hope the next song that fits your day is because it was a joyous day!

      It would appear that the Monkees hit has won the vote. Even counting the votes on my post on facebook, it’s not enough to make Steve Winwood the winner. Perhaps Dave knew what he was talking about after all! 😛

      • My real name is Sherry. I get the Sherry baby one all the time. Sorry I made you go looking for Jillian. LOL

        It must be super hard to see your aunt that way.

        Monkees rule!! Of course, I was always a Peter Tork girl. All my friends liked Davy Jones but I was Peter all the way.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Yep, having someone sing Sherry to me over and over would get annoying. Especially if they failed miserably at the high notes!! But it’s nice to meet you, Sherry! 😛

      Mike Nesmith was the one for me. However, I was so disappointed when The Monkees started touring again and Mike said he was too busy to tour with the band. We went to see one of their concerts, and, oddly, I didn’t really miss him. I would have enjoyed seeing him, but…

      I was sorry to hear about Davy Jones passing away, though. Sudden, massive heart attack.

      • I saw them in a reunion concert, too and it was great! And yeah, Michael not being there didn’t make much difference. I was also sad to hear about Davy.

        And yeah, the not hitting the high notes is ear splitting sometimes. LOL! Nice to have you meet Sherry since you already knew Jillian

  6. Arrr, the good old earworm. I suffer frequently from it, sometimes good songs, sometimes annoying ditties from adverts. Monkees for me too. Remember well that lovely ballad Laurie, very moving. I doubt any song has my name in it although Kit is my pen name! And funnily enough, my next novel, if I may be so bold, is about this very subject, the earworm. Called Whitestones, I’m hoping it’ll be out later this year. Oh, the buzzing of the bees and the … now that will play in my head all day. Will it in yours? Great topic. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Kit, I have to confess that I had never heard the term “earworm” until your post. I read it and was like, “What is an earworm?” Now I know that a song stuck in your head is properly called an “earworm”. Thanks!

      Sorry, I could not find a “Kit” song. 😦

      Best wishes on your upcoming book, too!!!! 😛

  7. Another vote for the Monkees, Valerie.

    Oh, and the only song I know about my name is Patricia the Stripper by Chris de Burgh – but I’d rather not dwell on that! Oops, too late. Now that darn song is in my head!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thanks for weighing in, Tricia. Clearly Dave was right about The Monkees’ ballad! 😛

      Here’s a lovely song about Patricia by Perry Como. I hope you enjoy it!

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