Ah The Month of May

P1030049May is one of my favorite months, and a great time of year to visit Over The Backyard Fence. 🙂

Here in the Northern Hemisphere it a spring month but in the Southern Hemisphere it’s an autumn month equivalent to our November.

As I write this (4 days before posting) it is a beautiful morning with temps expected in the 80’s. I have the patio door open just enough to let Rue out. Amazingly after being a total house cat she is exploring, albeit cautiously, her yard. It might be the security of the high fence or maybe even that she got tired of the cold wet weather we’ve experienced this year.

Some May facts are:

It was named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility.

Holidays in May include Cinco de Mayo, Mothers Day and Memorial Day.

May’s birthstone is the emerald, its flower is Lily of the Valley and its Zodiac signs are Taurus and Gemini.

Our daughter was born in May and I remember the wonderful weather when we brought her home.

Hope you’re enjoying Spring weather in your part of the world. The only flip side I see to May is the weeds love it. 🙂


10 responses to “Ah The Month of May

  1. I love the sunshine best this time of year. For me, it’s the changing seasons I love the most. That time when winter gives way to Spring, when Summer nudges the temps up higher, even when Fall and Winter signal a quieter time. Right now, the sunshine is renewing me. By Fall,l I’ll be ready for changes. I know. I’m weird.

  2. I love the sunshine this time of year also. But like Laurie I’m always ready for fall and the cool, crisp air. Bet your yard is looking great!!!

  3. Ah, lovely May. So much to look forward to with the summer months almost upon us. Here in the UK, May’s weather can often be unpredictable. This week, for instance, we’ve had high temps and unbroken sunshine at the start of the week and now it’s chilly and won’t stop raining. But the gardens are starting to look good 🙂

  4. Ahhhh which yard. I just got back from the other house where I spent a few hours mowing. It’s done now except for the front pasture and I’ll try to get that tomorrow. I am absolutely pooped. I was whining and then the thought came, “be glad you can do it.”

    So this one is getting a bit needy but will just have to wait. Too many houses, too many yards and too much work!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I cannot live where there are no changes to the seasons. It would stunt my creativity. I enjoy all four seasons equally. Spring is a rebirth after the stark quiet of winter. Currently, it’s a torrential downpour outside, but the green the rain brings is unprecedented! 😛

  6. Love May here in the UK (well, except this past week where it’s gone from high temperatures and shorts at the start of the week to to shivering winds and rain and central heating on at the end, but the garden is looking delightful. Bursting out in the garden are the bluebells and lily of the valley, the sweet-scented violets along with the bees and butterflies. A true sign winter is over. 🙂

  7. Love that you included some super May facts!! Enjoy the month and the warmth. I hope Rue has a blast, too!

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