My Crazy, Loony-Tunes Cat

Mr. Innocent?

Mr. Innocent?

As many of you know, we got a new kitten on my birthday and let me tell you, he has brought so much joy into my life, it’s crazy. He’s so funny and into everything. We’ve had to start keeping our garbage disposal covered with the metal sink stopper because he likes to get that gross, yucky part with the black flaps out and bat it around the kitchen floor. The first time my husband found that thing on the floor, he asked me why I pulled it out and I said it had to be the cat. He said there was no way that cat did it. The very next day, I came in and watched the crazy animal pull it out with his teeth after manipulating it with his paw. Who needs opposable thumbs? Not my Hobbes.

We can’t set dishes in the sink to soak either. He plays in the sink. When I brush my teeth in the bathroom sink, he’s right there wanting to play. I’ve never had a cat like water like Hobbes does. He drinks out of the faucet and doesn’t even mind getting wet under it.

He hangs out in the fireplace (not when there’s a fire- he has a modicum of sense). He also will help himself to snacks. We’ve caught him grabbing the bag off the counter and gnawing through it (he never eats them all- just a little). I can’t always tell who’s plundering in the kitchen as my husband does that snack thing too with people food, but I seem to catch Hobbes a lot with the bag in mouth. They are called Temptations after all. I caught him on camera one day. He trotted off into the corner and turned his back on me. I made the worst parental mistake and rewarded his bad behavior by letting him have some.

stealing treats

stealing treats

in the fireplace

in the fireplace

He looks sweet and innocent but he’s a terror. He kept me amused when my dad was in the hospital and I was fretting. You can’t fret with this terror around. He won’t let you!

Here are some pictures of the little devil.


digging deep

got it





dreaming of future mischief

dreaming of future mischief

18 responses to “My Crazy, Loony-Tunes Cat

  1. What a character! I’d hate to get him together with our Belle/Bella(it varies).She came to me young but full grown and with as many cats as have been in my life, I have never seen the equal to her in curiosity…I keep telling her it is going to get her killed.She is into everything.Then we have the older Oranges, who is about as mellow as they come.Polar opposites!

  2. Hubby says no play-dates. We don’t need our Dude learning more tricks than he already knows. 🙂
    Hilarious friend you’ve got there. And resourceful.

  3. Connie Fischer

    Awww…I love your kitty and who cares if you let him keep those treats he worked so hard to get. We have two new little kitties in our lives and I can tell you that I hate to leave home anymore for even a short errand because I miss them so much. They have their own little personalities and they keep us laughing and loving them more and more every day. I love dogs too but our kitties are the best!!

    • Connie, you hit the nail on the head. I hate to leave Hobbes, too. It’s funny how they get in our hearts so fast, isn’t it? I look forward to coming home to see what he’s doing. Enjoy your new babies, too. Such fun! I love that you have them.

  4. I love your cat stories!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, too funny, Jillian. What an adorable boy and I love the photos. He really is a great character and I can imagine how there’s never a dull moment with Hobbes around 🙂

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    He’s clearly a cut above the rest! Really enjoyed the photos, too. I would allow him to eat the treats, after all, he didn’t pester you for them. He simply helped himself! 😛

  7. What a character, so funny. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of him. 🙂

  8. Got to luv em. He even has the look of mischief. Thanks for sharing, will look forward to more Hobbes posts. Have you thought about letting him write one?

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